10 Ways to Increase Employee Productivity; Increase Revenues Without Spending a Dime

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Employee Productivity is Not Limited to Advances in Technology; Employee Productivity Will Increase With Employee Commitment

The Department of Labor reported that productivity was up 2.1% in the fourth quarter of 2004, an increase from 0.8% expressed in the 3rd quarter. Though it appears to be a positive with employers getting more from existing employees, the United Press International sites that it might not be “good news” for current employees as companies may be reluctant to hire more workers.

“Our people are the driving force behind productivity and though technological advances have pushed the productivity of employees forward, advances in technology are not the only option,” says Motivational Strategist Gail Kasper. “We must find ways to provide employees with an environment that fosters employee commitment and job satisfaction. These two factors will increase employee productivity as well as benefit the economy.”

Gail Kasper, who has consulted with some of the world’s leading organizations, has been exposed to several factors that have lowered productivity. Despite advances in technology, issues such as Poor Management, Lack of Training, Poor Work Ethic and a Laxidazical Attitude, can limit the effects. She prescribes the following 10 Ways to Increase Employee Productivity.

1. Hold Effective Meetings: Regardless of the size of your department, daily or weekly meetings are a must….effective meetings. Effective meetings have a time limit to ensure the attention of every participant, rules, an agenda and minutes that reflect job responsibilities and timelines, celebrate successes, and involve the team so that they are not spectators, but participants.

2. Hold Brainstorming Sessions: There isn’t a better way to increase commitment from employees than to get them involved in a problem-solving situation. Identify a key issue that needs to be rectified. Ask them to think about it ahead of time and write down their ideas. Set a specific date and time to meet and gather their ideas. Above all, make certain that everyone is part of the process.

3. Encourage Planning: Both daily and weekly. Planning motivates employees and holds them accountable. There isn’t anything more powerful than a written plan.

4. Get Organized: According to the Wall Street Journal Report, white collar workers waste an average of up to 40% of their day because they were not taught organization skills particularly when dealing with increased workloads. If the average is 40%, imagine what we could accomplish if we improved that percentage by only 10%. Help your people get organized.

5. Encourage a balanced life. Our objective is to keep costs down, increase productivity and that means keeping our good people. When we respect work and family, we open the door for a well-balanced committed employee.

6. Support Break-Time: It is part of the workday and should not be misused however, we all have employees that skip the breaks and skip the lunches. This behavior will ultimately affect productivity and impede createivity. Our goal is to make sure our employees are at their best. A quick break can releave stress and maintain objectivity.

7. Schedule Block Time: Block Time whether it’s for the team or an individual helps maintain focus and direction. Employees must dedicate a specific amount of time to a task without interruption. Considering the average employee is interrupted every 8 minutes, productivity is drastically reduced to not only handle the interruption but to regain focus on the task they were performing.

8. Watch Perfectionism. There are certain jobs that do require extreme perfectionism, but there are various levels of perfectionism, each taking a certain amount of time. Discuss and demonstrate to your team how a task should be completed. Extra time spent on a task that is not needed will result in lost productivity.

9. Train. Training can build teamwork, unity, and support. It also educates employees on new techniques or increased communication. The benefits are unending.

10. Assess Energy Levels. We all seem to get so much done the day before vacation. Why? Because our energy level is at its highest. Recreate this theory and assess the energy level of your employees. Certain employees may be morning people and certain employees may be afternoon people. When we know the energy peaks of our people we can assign difficult tasks during those high energy times and gain increased productivity from the staff.

Gail Kasper is an internationally renowned motivational strategist. Multi-billion dollar companies, top CEOs, associations, Ivy League universities and professional sports teams have adopted Gail’s ideas, leadership techniques and sales programs to increase performance and achievement. She is the author of the life strategy audio CD program Make a Decision to Win.

Gail is the former Mrs. New Jersey America 2002 and has co-hosted the Emmy award-winning America’s TV JobNetwork (airing on CBS and Fox). She currently hosts The Visitor’s Channel. Coupling a business degree with psychology studies Gail is a nationally recognized certified trainer. For more information please visit http://www.gailkasper.com.

To arrange an interview or appearance with Gail Kasper, please contact: Elizabeth White 530-274-3624 or elizabeth@latimergroup.com

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