Forging Ahead & Sounding Off: Matt Forger Speaks Out About Working with Michael Jackson, Producing Indie Artists, and the State of the Record Industry

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Scott G (The G-Man) interviews Matt Forger about engineering, producing, mixing, and working with some of the biggest names in the industry. Forger, who has credits on 200,000,000 albums sold, has a unique perspective that every recording artist and record producer should hear.

In an exclusive interview, Matt Forger speaks out to Scott G (recording artist The G-Man), revealing some unusual recording techniques and providing new perspectives on today's recording industry.

Of interest to musicians, songwriters, producers, engineers, mixers, and remixers, the long (3,895-words) interview is especially valuable for up-and-coming artists.

In the interview, Forger comments on a wide variety of music industry topics:

  • "The future of the music business is in the undiscovered talent that flies below the radar. That's who I want to work with. That's the hope of the music industry: the unique, innovative artists who are creating something new and exciting."
  • "If there's a form of music I don't care for, it's the manufactured mediocre crap that gets sold as having something to say when it's just pretentious drivel."
  • "There is a technique I love: a single high quality stereo microphone strategically placed to capture the performance, the event, and the environment all at the same time. There are also ways to incorporate this into a larger recording plan…"
  • "The old model of the record business allowed for the development of talent, coaching it along the way, working with songwriters, arrangers, producers and engineers and learning the craft of record making. That system doesn't exist in today's business model."
  • "It's not the newest whiz-bang device that sets a studio apart. It's the workhorse, tried-and-true technology that proves to be the greatest value."
  • "Today, with few exceptions, major labels look for the most promising bands and artists, sign them to a deal, and if they don't sell the numbers that the companies require, dump the act. Before an act has the chance to develop a following and learn the ropes, it can be all over."
  • "Corporate business has no heart and no sense of artistry."
  • "Music is a form of emotional communication. A pop song is a three minute fix of an emotional drug."

The complete Matt Forger/G-Man Interview, including comments on Michael Jackson, recording techniques, choices for studio gear, associations to join, and the one quality he has observed in every successful recording artist, may be found here:


Matt Forger has worked with Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Quincy Jones, Glen Ballard, and Bruce Swedien. He currently produces and mixes for independent artists.


Scott G (The G-Man) has albums on Delvian Records and iTunes. A creative director of NARIP, a member of NARAS, a writer for Immedia Wire Service and MusicDish, his primary business is G-Man Music & Radical Radio where he writes, produces, voices, and composes music for radio commercials.


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