Answering Questions that "The Maker's Diet" Raises: Exploring the Controversial Topic of Meat Eating from the Bible's Perspective

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Pork is forbidden in both Judaism (per the Torah) and Islam (per the Koran). Even most Christians would agree that Jesus (a Torah-observant Jew) abstained from eating ham. So why do most Christians eat something that Jesus never ate and that Scripture plainly forbids?

Littleton, CO (PRWEB) April 11, 2005 – A new look at the Good Book may cause some Christians to rethink their favorite pizza toppings. Addressing both food and faith—the two hottest topics on the New York Times best-seller list—Hope Egan’s newly released “Holy Cow! Does Care about What We Eat?” (First Fruits of Zion, April, 2005) will also cause the National Pork Board—who just launched their “Don’t be blah™” marketing campaign—to shudder.

In this retelling of her personal journey through what the Bible says about eating meat, Egan discovers that God did design meat to be eaten—but only those called “clean” in the Old Testament. Health books like “The Maker’s Diet” and “What Would Jesus Eat?” affirm that God did not design pork to be eaten, and that eating swine’s flesh leads to arthritis, acne and other health problems. But these books avoid the unspoken question: if this popular food is not supposed to be eaten, then why does the Church overlook the guidelines that forbid eating it?

With help from Bible teacher D. Thomas Lancaster, Egan reconciles the Old Testament meat passages with the New Testament, and bravely suggests that Christian obedience might include more parts of the Bible than previously thought. In the process, she shows how science supports the biblical food laws, questions the wisdom of both meat-heavy Atkins diets and no-meat vegetarian diets, and shows how eating meat God’s way helps prevent Mad Cow disease.

Jordan Rubin, author of the best-selling “The Maker’s Diet” says that “Holy Cow! is a must-read book for Jews, Christians and anyone else who eats…”

Best-selling author Hope Egan is an associate editor for First Fruits of Zion’s Messiah Magazine. D. Thomas Lancaster is the Educational Director for First Fruits of Zion and author of “Mystery of the Gospel.”

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Title: Holy Cow!

Subtitle: Does God Care about What We Eat?

Release: April 2005

Publisher: First Fruits of Zion

ISBN: 1-892124-19-X

Pages: 157

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