Inceptor® Develops Technology that Detects Click Fraud and Reduces Impact of Internet Advertising Abuse

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Leading Search Engine Marketing Firm seeks patent for pay per click bid management system that automatically reduces keyword bids on Google AdWords, YahooÂ?s Overture, and other PPC advertising programs when it detects pattern of fraudulent clicks

Inceptor, Inc., a leading search engine marketing firm, announced today that it has developed technology that detects “click fraud” and reduces the impact of internet advertising abuse. Inceptor is currently in the process of securing a patent for its proprietary pay per click bid management system, which automatically reduces keyword bids on Google AdWords, Yahoo’s Overture, and other PPC advertising programs when it detects a pattern of fraudulent clicks.

“Our customers are very concerned about the ramifications of click fraud,” said Vic Odryna, President and CEO of Inceptor. “If our customers lose faith in the pay per click advertising model and reduce their investment in internet advertising, it will be a setback for their businesses as well as the entire search engine marketing industry.”

Click fraud is an emerging threat to the rapidly growing pay per click advertising model used by Google AdWords, Yahoo’s Overture, and other PPC advertising programs. Click fraud occurs when someone clicks on an online ad with the sole intent to cost the advertiser money. Click fraud has been widely suspected in the search engine marketing industry but until recently has not been a major concern. The issue has now come to the forefront in the wake of recent lawsuits.

“Click Fraud is extremely hard for the search engines to detect,” said Michael Sack, Chief Technology Officer of Inceptor. “Sophisticated fraudsters employ tactics that cross search engine boundaries and make it impossible for Google, Yahoo or any individual search engine to detect a pattern. Our technology not only detects click fraud, but can actively protect advertisers by reducing their keyword bids to negate the effect of the fraudulent clicks on their ROI until the search engines are presented the data and agree to refund money spent on these clicks.”

Inceptor’s pay per click bid management platform enables advertisers to automatically change bids throughout the day across multiple search engines based on the data the system collects. Inceptor has the only bid management technology that incorporates a powerful, genetic algorithm to detect deep patterns in the data and automatically take action to optimize advertising campaign performance. When the bid management system detects fraud, typically evidenced by periods of lower ROI, Inceptor flags those time periods as suspect and automatically reduces bids on behalf of the advertiser.

“Today we are in the position to help our advertisers reduce the impact of click fraud and we are committed to continuing to develop technology to support this endeavor,” said Sack. “We want to be able to present the search engines with the cross-engine data they need to shut down fraud. We can’t make this problem go away, but we can help ensure that it gets detected and that the search engines have an opportunity to take positive action to thwart the click fraud on behalf of their advertisers.”

About Inceptor

Inceptor is a privately held company founded in 1999. The company is currently a leader in the search engine optimization and search engine marketing field. Inceptor has developed a patent-pending proprietary bid management system that automatically optimizes an advertiser’s bids based on desired performance objectives. Based outside of Boston, MA, Inceptor currently has approximately 50 employees and serves over 4,000 customers including HSN, Thomas Register,, Vermont Country Store and Progress Software.


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