The Why and How of New Home Construction.

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New home construction build your own new home. We have 150 models or use your own blue prints.

"New Home Construction 100% Finance" - Invest $50 in your furture and find out if you qualify for our unique program. We work with various lenders and provides acess to a unique construction loan that will allow qualified applicants to build their own home with 100% fiancing of land,material and labor. generally out of pocket expenses are less than $1,000 and you have the opportunity to earn equity.

The most important step is to ensure you qualify for the financing and determine a loan amount that you can afford. after you have been pre-approved we will work with you to price various homes find land and prepare a preliminary budget.

If you are not pre-approved we will work with you and help you qualify at a later date. You may need to clean up some credit issues pay down some debit or start with a smaller home. In any case take the first step. start today.

Every house is a work in progress. It begins in the imaginations of the people who build it and is gradually tranformed for better and for worse by the people who occupy it down through the years decades, centuries.

Even more important there is a powerful feeling of tranquillity that comes from knowing how one's house is put together and how its systems are supposed to function. Choice of quiliaty materials is important such as brick, wood, paints, roofing and siding materials.

A living tree may contain twice as much water by weight as it does wood. After the tree is felled and sawn into lumber this moisture level falls until it reaches equilibrium with the moisture level of the atmosphere. Contrary to popular opinion wood never dries out once and for all.It's moisture content at equilibrium rises and falls in response to changes in humidity.

A house siding is usually fairly well protected from the elements. rain rools off it. The sun doesn't burn down on it the way it does on a roof. But all siding performs better and last longer if it is properly maintained.

The most devastating forms of water damage are usually caused by contact with the ground. wood siding that touches the dirt seldom last very long. Prolong ground contact promotes rot not only in the siding but also in the framing leading eventually to the weaking of the entire structure. To keep this from happening sills and the trim or siding that covers them should be at least six inches above grade.

In the earliest american houses roofs were made of thatch. Slender members called thatch poles were secured horizontally across the rafters and thick bundles of reeds were lashed to them in overlapping rows like the scales on a fish. Thatch had a long history in europe and it remains the preferred form of roofing in many parts of the world today. But like the wattle and daub first used as siding it wasn't well suited to american weather. Builders soon gave up on bundles of reeds and turned to shingles.

Trusses are usually delivered to a building site on the back of a big truck and lifted into place with a crane. A couple of carpenters can install an entirs roof's worth in a fraction of the time it would take to measure, cut, fit and join the members of a traditional roof frame. As a result trusses are becoming increasingly popular in new construction.

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