"Extreme Makeovers" for the Chronically Thin Part of $400 Million Dollar Black Market

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The stigma of being labeled a Â?skinny loser" and the promise of becoming a "big winner" have proven to be powerful lures to the unhealthy world of anabolic steroids. Anthony Ellis says, "Do it right or don't do it at all."

TV reality-show contestants whose bodies are magically transformed from gruesome to gorgeous overnight are striking a dangerous chord with soccer moms, NASCAR dads, "desperate housewives," corporate moguls, and especially high-schoolers and college kids nationwide.

According to healthy fitness "guru" Anthony Ellis, underweight people who can't afford an "extreme makeover" to transform their physiques are turning to unnatural, unhealthy, quick-fix remedies instead. Their drug of choice: illegal steroids. The results: disaster.

Ellis believes there's no reason to stress the body with foreign substances or to risk life-threatening health problems with illegal steroids in order to gain muscle weight. Weight gain, he says, is a simple matter of eating more food more often and using supplements coupled with regular resistance training to build muscle instead of fat.

Feeling Bad to Look Good

The media has been heavily focused on steroid abuse in professional sports for performance enhancement. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, however, one of the main reasons non-athletes give for taking steroids has to do with vanity. The NDA reports that the heavy demand for illegal steroids has generated a black market with estimated sales of up to $400 million a year.

Men say they use steroids to look better by increasing muscle size. Family Education reports that teenage boys start taking steroids a few months before summer so they could impress the girls on the beach and then continued taking the drugs after the summer passed because they wanted to keep their new, muscular bodies.

The Associated Press reports that police officers are taking steroids as a "magic pill" to develop an intimidating physical presence without having to participate in a fitness program.

Risking It All…For Nothing

Plagued by heart problems, liver tumors, cancer, infertility and "at risk" for a wide range of physical illnesses, users of all ages are suffering from other "extreme" side-effects. Mental instability including paranoid jealousy, extreme irritability, delusions, and impaired judgment stemming from feelings of invincibility is common.

Sadly, notes Ellis, "Rather than making the user more attractive, steroids can have the opposite effect." Steroids can result in cross-gender sex characteristics like a deep voice and facial hair in women or testicular shrinkage and breast growth in men.

Healthy Weight Gain

"People are so mis-guided," Ellis says with feeling. "Losing weight is like gaining weight -- it should be done safely and naturally. I teach people to embrace a new way of thinking and living that makes it easy to achieve body sculpting goals without chemicals and the health risks they present."

Based on his own experiences trying to gain weight and muscle, Ellis developed GAINING MASS!, a complete training program that instructs underweight men and women on how to gain weight. The system brings planning, diet, weight training and nutritional supplements in a 26-week course that incorporates proven dieting and weight training techniques that build muscles safely and quickly…along with a "healthy dose" of inspiration and motivation provided by Ellis himself.

Based on Personal Reality, Not "Reality Television"

Ellis knows better than most the challenges that face underweight men and women. "My biggest dream used to be to someday wear a pair of pants without a belt," he recalls. Through trial and error -- "a lot of trial, and a lot of error," he admits, laughing -- Ellis finally identified an effective way to eat, train, and supplement his diet in order to achieve a healthy body weight.

Seeing is believing, and "You just have to look at my before-and-after pictures to know that the system really works," Ellis says with pride. Since developing his training regimen, he has successfully gained over 60 lbs in the last five years.

"There's no magic involved in this or any other fitness program," says Ellis. "Just hard work, smart eating and consistent training." More than 70,000 program users in 100 countries worldwide have changed their bodies and their lives with Gaining Mass!

To learn more, visit http://www.fastmusclegain.com/

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