Bush Poll Numbers Show the Election Tragedy of 2004 Did Not Resolve Important US issues: Sept. 11 Questions, WMD Lies and the Iraq War and Why Another Stolen Election.

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Did Americans refuse to RSVP an invitation to consider and take actions against Bush and others before Election 2004? Europeans asked - Â?how could over 50 million Americans have voted for Bush?Â? They did not.

– Did American’s refuse to RSVP an invitation to consider and take actions against Bush and others before Election 2004? In his post-Election 2004 tragedy update of Stop Bush Now (ISBN 0-9760408-0-8, in the US $11.75 and in the UK £7.9, http://www.Stop-Bush-Now.com), author Paul J. Landis says yes - and answers the question Europeans asked - “how could over 50 million Americans have voted for Bush?” They did not.

Election 2004 was a tragedy. Stop Bush Now warned of the consequences of allowing the illegal Florida purge of over 50,000 voters to go un-contested. Democrats and Republicans allowed the Bush administration to ignore unanswered 9/11 questions and issues. WMD lies causing the un-necessary deaths of hundreds of US soldiers and tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians were conveniently absent from the negligent “Republican Terrorist” controlled US mass media.

Stop Bush Now asks if Americans were in need of a true referendum on the defining issues of the preceding years? They were. Unfortunately, the American voter was denied this needed referendum.

Bush and his “Republican Terrorists” never agreed to a valid Election 2004. They had four years after Election 2000 to hone their vote stealing skills. The also had the cooperation of the US Congress and the ignorance of the US voter: thirty per cent of the votes cast in Election 2004 were done electronically. Who developed these devices? Corporations loyal to Bush.

Were “Kerry” votes changed electronically to “Bush” votes? Absolutely. Ask the people who have analyzed the Bush maligned exit polls. The exit polls do not jive with a voter’s vote being changed electronically.

Bush had more help. The Democrats gave the Election 2004 campaign exactly what it did not need: an un-courageous and un-patriotic campaign from Kerry/Edwards. Kerry it appears never learned to spell “9/11”. And, not only did he refuse to stand up to the Bush WMD lies, he proceeded to fabricate a justification for the IRAQ war that gave Americans no war/no-war deliberation.

Issues demanding the attention of the US Congress and American people that Stop Bush Now raised are still issues according to Landis. Election 2004 resolved nothing of value except the error of complacency and a refusal to stand up for the truth.

"Is the Bush administration capable of leading in a way that is consistent with the democratic principles of our country? Stop Bush Now asked. Bush confirmed his unwillingness to give up his illegal hold on power with Election 2004, an election even more tragic and un-constitutional than Election 2000.

But no matter. The constitution of Bush and his “Republican Terrorists” is not the US Constitution. Their constitution is the Project of the New American Century (PNAC). Their goal is very specific: use an event like 9/11 – an event not possible without the Bush administration help - to scare the American people to believe the military might of the US needs to be used to fight “terrorists”. It will actually be used to forward Empire, USA, but Bush leaves that item out.

“Republican Terrorists”: Stop Bush Now, Page 22.

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