Psychic Readings Telephone Psychics: Are We Getting The Answers We Need Or The Problems We Don't?

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Are traditional psychic readings opening Pandora's Box to potential problems?

We at PsychicLifeCoaches.Com know that the legal disclaimer for all psychic related services divination, astrological readings must read; For Entertainment Purposes Only!

But we ask you, is your peace of mind not worth more than just "For Entertainment Value Only?"

We at the Psychic Life Coach group want to make you aware of the pitfalls and options before you get your next psychic reading, the following information may save you form a great deal of heartache.

Most if not all psychic readings done in person or over the telephone are missing some important key ingredients, which is for one, being able to justify what the psychic read or predicted, and secondly how the client should deal with the reading or prediction as it relates to their situation.

It is one thing to tell a client that their companion has been cheating on them if they had a prior suspicion of the fact and just needed some confirmation, but it is a whole other story if it comes as a total surprise to the client. In this later case the client's world would be turned upside down and inside out in just a few moments of a psychic reading, and as nothing is written in stone, how much value can, or should you put into the words of a psychic without going further into the out come of a reading?

Not All Divinatory Readings Are 100% Accurate!

Is it only the responsibility of a psychic to be forth rite with their client no matter what the consequences are, or would it not be more responsible for the psychic to validate and justify their reading to the client, or in other words to discover the level of certainty in what they read and or predicted?

We believe that many relationships have been put on uneasy ground as the result of some psychics' readings and predictions. If a client takes the words of a psychic as verbatim and as a cue to act and react, then the client may be doing a great disservice to themselves, especially if the psychic was less than 100% accurate. In fact if a client acts hastily or inappropriately to the predictions of a psychic this just may be generating self fulfilling prophecies.

Remember, we are only human and nothing is written in stone, as we all know, all things that are in motion are subject to change and all divinatory readings are subject to personal interpretation, and who can interpret a situation better the oneself, but in most cases we will need some help to see the trees beyond the forest and who better to give you this clear direction and advice other than a Clairvoyant

Psychic Life coach.

Clairvoyance: The Literal meaning of the word is "Clear Seeing". A Life Coach is one who can empower you to "See Clearly".

There is now a new breed of psychics who take their skills and psychic gifts to a new level of professionalism and they are known as psychic life coaches. When a client is read by a psychic life coach the reading tends to be much deeper and in more detail which gives the client an array of follow up choices and options. Unlike a Psychotherapist who addresses past issues and deals with the emotional content of those issues, a psychic like coach deals with your present situation empowering you to see clearly and to make the correct choices as related to the psychic reading.

We at PsychicLifeCoach.Com take everyone's situation seriously and believe in reading responsibly; this is why we have launched a new service staffed only by professional psychic readers and all who have many years of Life coaching experience giving you a clear and in depth divinatory reading with as few unanswered questions as possible.

Our Clairvoyant Psychic Life Coaches not only offer in-depth telephone readings, but will also:

1. Identify exactly where you are right now as the situation stands.

2. Clarify what you really want or can do in your present situation.

3. Explore where you want to go from your present situation.

4. Discover what steps you will need to take to have that happen.

A responsible psychic reading, all this and more for less than you would pay for a reading alone anywhere else. If your question is important then the reading should be done by one of the professionals at PsychicLifeCoach.Com

Please visit us at

Best regards,

The PsychicLifeCoach Group

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