Throw Away Those Garbage Annuity Leads and Discover a Wildly Successful Annuity Selling System

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Olympia, Washington-based annuity marketing company Â? The Broich Approach - wants you to stop flushing money away on annuity leads that donÂ?t covert and discover a proven annuity selling system. More at:

Bill Broich cannot believe the junk being sold online. Over the last year as an experiment he has been purchasing online annuity leads. He admits a few have panned out and led to meetings, but 99.9% have proven to be total garbage.

“One lead I called,” Broich says laughing. “Was a twenty year old girl working her way through college. That hardly qualifies as a hot prospect eager to buy annuity products.”

Broich claims most of the calls resulted in clueless prospects having no idea how he got their name and number with absolutely no interest in annuities or other financial planning products.

“A lot of the numbers I dialed were disconnected or wrong numbers, more than half the people simply slammed down the phone in my ear. At thirty dollars or more a lead it got expensive, especially considering my lousy, err, I should say non-existent return on investment,” Broich said.

Broich doesn’t think all annuity leads are worthless, he knows agents professing to do alright with them, but in his experience it has been a sorry and fruitless road.

“I just don’t think this method of prospecting is sustainable. By the time you’ve found one lead that might turn into a sale you’ve spent a frustrating week getting rejected on the phone and hundreds if not thousand of dollars capturing that one piece of business. Seems like a hard way to go about selling annuities.”

Instead Broich says agents need a proven annuity selling system. Over the last ten years Broich has been developing such a system, a system that takes away the stress of prospecting and allows agents to focus on selling.

“My agents show up to rooms filled with smiling prospects eager to hear what they have to say.” Broich said. “The biggest complaint I hear is stress over how they’re going to manage all the prospects.”

Bill teaches agents how to sell annuities and how to do it in record time.

“My agents never spend more than two hours total with the client in the lifetime of the relationship. They don’t waste time prospecting or managing clients, they just sell annuities.”

Bill provides references to any agent interested in his system.

“They can call any of my agents. In fact, I encourage them too. With all the hucksters out there peddling annuity marketing programs, I want them to feel comfortable with me and know I’m for real.”

His company doesn’t take on every agent. They’re looking for agents they share chemistry with first and foremost and agents with the right blend of attitude and experience.

“We’re laid back and do not like flash. We want people we’re going to work with to be the same way,” Bill said. “Plus they need the right experience to really make my system work.”

To find out more and get a free consultation with Bill, visit his website:

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