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Web-Based Health Insurance Portal Dedicates its energies to supplying health care consumers across the nation with the reasonably-priced medical insurance opportunities they increasingly need at

Given a current economic situation delineated by budget deficits at the local, state wide and federal levels, higher than expected unemployment rates, and perpetually escalating health care costs – the overall rate of un-insurance will certainly continue to expand and have a greater communitywide impact. Meanwhile, employer-sponsored health benefits premiums increased by an average of around eleven percent over the course of last year – somewhat less than 2003’s 13.9% increase, but nevertheless it represented our nation’s fourth successive year of double-digit price increases, according to a number of 2004’s national health care benefits surveys, the co-premiums for employer-sponsored health related and medical insurance generally rose at around 2.3% or five times the rate of workers’ income (2.2%) as well as the rate of inflation. Overall, over the course of 2004 employers and their group plan participant employees continued to search for more effective ways to control health insurance’s rising cost as more than half shopped for better options at sites like and one in six actually changed insurers as a result.

Last year, health care insurance premiums reached a staggering average of $829.00 per month or $9,950.00 annually for family benefits coverage and $308.00 per month or $3,695.00 annually for single-payer health coverage. Over the same period, family plan PPO organization premiums, responsible for covering most American workers, rose to an average $851.00 per month or $10,217.00 annually, up appreciably from 2003’s average of $776.00 per month or $9,317.00 annually. But probably most instructive is the fact that family indemnity coverage premiums have risen an astounding fifty-nine percent since the year 2000. The aforementioned surveys also found that the percentage of the nation’s workforce receiving healthcare coverage through their employers today is roughly equivalent to 2003’s sixty-two percent mark, but that number represents a significant down-turn from 2001’s peak of a sixty-five percent employee insured rate.

Which is why fewer and fewer businesses small or larger are offering substantial group health plan coverage, and why fewer of their employees are able to take-up health coverage and that’s obviously led to increasing numbers of consumers in need of comprehensive and affordable private health care insurance options that are increasingly hard to find. That worsening consumer situation has led to the creation of the web portal Insure Lane, designed to offer its free services to those seeking better health or medical insurance options. Boasting the capacity to offer online health insurance quotes and information on over 45 available health indemnity carriers, in addition to locally-based agent and independent agency selection services that will allow health insurance shoppers nationwide to compare up to five separate side-by-side health or medical benefits plans. has dedicated its resources to remaining responsive and accessible to the general public and their health insurance needs.

Facing continued premium increases of the kinds outlined above and fewer available employer health plans besides, its hardly surprising that many employees have reported turning entirely or partly toward private health plan options as they looked for cost-saving insurance alternatives over the last few years. And, you don’t have to look much farther than over the trends of the last several years to understand why more and more Americans are so worried about their health care costs. In just the area of premium contributions, more families paid $1,000.00 more for their healthcare benefits in 2004 than they did in back in 2000. More than any other single factor, increasing out-of-pocket costs are driving the consumer concern about health insurance availability and accessibility that rare web portals such as have sprung up to address.

Insure Lane offers justifiably worried consumers nationwide an always expanding selection of health plan quoting alternatives intended to provide easily customizable info on and on-line health quotes ( for an assortment of comparatively inexpensive health insurance plans including—income and long-term protection, disability and senior care, whole and term life, HSA Plan or health savings accounts, self-funded, major medical, individual, family or small group supplemental, dental and temporary student health. In addition to their side-by-side insurance plan quotes, Insure Lane features a comprehensive collection of articles dealing with everything from general health care to specific medical issues and more.

About Insure Lane

Insure Lane dot com was specifically designed and created to provide health insurance consumers nationwide with one-hundred percent free and affordably-priced health care related and major-medical insurance quotes from a wide assortment of major health indemnity carriers in addition to the locally-based independent insurance agency referral service Insure Lane has been offering to prospective health care patrons nationwide for several years now. If you’re a U.S. consumer interested in a free health benefits quote or a private insurance agent or agency interested in our nationwide local agencies referral directory, don’t hesitate to visit Insure Lane on the net at: or obtain a quote directly from

Insure Lane is headquartered in downtown Chicago, IL and is an exclusively US owned and operated concern.


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