Quit Smoking Laser Clinic Frees Teens from Addiction

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Freedom Laser Therapy discounts their quit smoking laser procedure to help young adults

An innovative low-level laser quit smoking procedure used in Europe and Canada over the past 35 years is now available in the United States. Freedom Laser Therapy, a leading practitioner of low-level laser therapy focuses on the physical, psychological, and detoxification of breaking a smoker's nicotine addiction. Freedom Laser Therapy has become a real referral business, due to smokers who have quit, telling their friends and family members they can quit too.

Craig Nabat, President of Freedom Laser Therapy, wants young adults to have the same benefit of quitting smoking as Freedom's adult clients. Nabat initiated a company wide policy that young adults showing proof of being under 21 years old can receive the $399 laser therapy treatment for only $99.

Nabat is passionate about his company's mission of freeing the world from nicotine addiction that he is now focusing on the youth of America. Presently, 22% of high school students are smokers. According to tobacco research reports the industry is earning over 1.8 billion from underage sales of cigarettes to America's youth.

According to the American Lung Association 90% of all smokers begin smoking before the age of 21. Even more alarming is that 3,000 new teenagers per day are daily experimenting with smoking; and nicotine addiction can occur within as little as two weeks. Some reasons why kids light up are as followed: To fit in, to be part of a group, to look cool, pure experimentation, they have friends who smoke, to be rebellious, to look older, a family member smokes, influenced by tobacco advertising geared towards them, or emulating a favorite celebrity who is seen smoking in a movie.

When young people begin smoking, they are not truly aware of the seriousness of their experimentation. Unfortunately young adults do not realize how easy it is to become addicted to nicotine, nor do they understand the health risks associated, such as cancer, emphysema and even death. In addition, most young smokers cannot conceptualize the approximate $1,800 a year expense that they will encounter when they become addicted to cigarettes.

Nabat, a former smoker himself says, "Smoking education awareness campaigns for youths is only half the battle. Young smokers need to have an effective resource available to break their physical addiction to nicotine." "Laser therapy is one potential solution to break a smoker's nicotine addiction, which may ultimately encourage young adults and teens to quit smoking sooner."

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