Benefit Packages of California Providing for the Health Insurance Needs of Uninsured 19 to 29 Year Olds

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California-Based Health Insurance Concern extending its reach in order to supply young adult health care consumers nationwide with the advantages of BC of CaliforniaÂ?s Life & Health Insurance CompanyÂ?s TONIK Health Plans:

You're twenty-something years young. You're living an incredibly physically active and healthy lifestyle. You're in the best shape you’ll ever be in. And even though you might not know it yet, Blue Cross of California’s TONIK Health Insurance Plans are all about you . . . Because an active life is an unpredictable life. Everyone spending as much time on a bike, a board, a court or a field as they are at work or school is one fall, one slip or one foul play away from finding out that financial pain can easily outweigh physical injury. Regardless of whether you're at risk of finding yourself laid out by a bad run in with the snow, the surf, the sand, the grass or the asphalt you won’t have risk going without adequate healthcare anymore. BC of CA’s Life and Health Insurance Company has recently introduced a thoroughly innovative trio of “Tonik’s” specifically to deal with the healthcare realities your sports-active lifestyle represents.

Best of all, even tough only Californians have been able to enjoy their benefits so far, TONIK Health will soon be offering eighteen to twenty-nine year olds nationwide with three straight-up and reasonably-priced health insurance plans designed to cover what Blue Cross of California has been calling their A to Z’s. The TONIK Health Plan’s upcoming nationwide roll-out will not only provide a better medical care alternative to the young adults who make up the largest portion of the nation’s uninsured and allow the new health care trio to protect hipsters in every state from just about anything – even themselves.

Tonik was specially designed by Blue Cross primarily to cover twenty-something’s everyday checkup-style preventive health care needs, but the Tonik Plans are also fully capable of offering coverage for the dramatic major-medical style encounters young adult’s sporting-lifestyles put them at added risk for. Twenty-something’s across the country will be able to sign up for TONIK using Benefit’s Packages online form ( in fifteen-minutes, give or take a minute or two, depending on how fast they type.

The TONIK’s Plans Cover:

• Doctor's or other General Practitioner’s office visits.

• Buying generic but not name brand prescription drugs.

• Both getting to an emergency room and emergency room care.

• Non-elective and emergency surgery and surgical procedures.

• Dentist’s office visits, preventive dental and exams.

• Optometrist office visits, general eye care, eye exams, getting glasses and or contacts.

• ... and much, much, more!

Blue Cross’ TONIK ( is truly the cutting edge health insurance offering that recent college-grads and their peers need to be looking for. Besides the plan’s inner details, TONIK Health’s look, TONIK Health’s feel and most importantly Tonik Health’s application procedures and application approval process set Tonik Health apart from practically every other health plan available–generation Y’ers, younger generation X’rs and 19 to 29’rs in general can apply for the TONIK Health Insurance plan that suits them best in the web’s ultra-accessible and no-paperwork required atmosphere.

BC’s TONIK Plans are in reality a trio of like-mined healthcare offerings dubbed for sorts of young adult lifestyles they’re intended to care for. The plans include TONIK Health’s Part Time Daredevil, as well as TONIK Health’s Calculated Risk Taker, and lastly TONIK Health’s Thrill Seeker. Using the TONIK system, recent college grads and other “young invincibles” only have to figure out which category best describes them then apply. It’s that simple. Young Part Time Daredevils’ health services needs tend to fall somewhere between the other two cat’s. On the other hand, young Calculated Risk-Takers care requirements mean that they’ll be willing to pay more for lowered deductibles, unlimited physician’s visits and comprehensive accidental injury (read: snowboard + mountain + tree) coverage. Meanwhile, young Thrill Seekers healthcare necessities tend toward coverage just-in-case of an athletic injury, accident and or other unexpected medical jam-up.

The Tonick Health Plan’s:

• The Thrill Seeker Plan – Offers a $20.00 per office visit Co-Payment, a $64.00 average premium, a $5,000.00 annual deductible and waives the overall deductible for members first four physician’s office visits each year.

• The Part Time Daredevil Plan – Features a $30.00 per office visit Co-Payment, an average $73.00 premium, a $3,000.00 annual deductible and waives the plan’s yearly deductible for participant’s first four doctor’s office visits per year.

• The Calculated Risk Taker Plan – Provides participant members with the option of unlimited physician’s office visits every year, features a $40.00 Co-Payment amount, an average premium of just $80.00 and a $1,500.00 yearly deductible.

Each one of BC’s TONIK Trio Health Plans was structured to include both vision and dental care. Tonik’s annual deductible amounts don’t have to be satisfied before members are reimbursed for emergency services more than their $100.00 co-payment. In contrast to competitors HMO and PPO managed-care plans, TONIK’s general practitioner’s office visit co-payment structure includes x-rays as well as associated laboratory services and testing. The whole of covered healthcare benefits are paid in full once TONIK’s annual deductibles have been satisfied. And last but not least, all three TONIK Health “flavors” carry an impressive $5,000,000.00 benefits maximum. See how much you can save at

About Benefit Packages

Larry Hurwitz, founder of Benefit Packages has worked in the insurance business for fifteen years plus. And, as a second-generation health plan consultation firm, Benefits Packages has consistently dedicated every resource to making sure that Californians have access to reliable info on reasonably-priced Blue Shield of California medical plans, personalized health insurance counseling and the free quoting services they need. Young adults interested in Blue Cross TONIK health offerings can call Larry and Benefit Packages from anywhere in the continental U.S. at: 800-356-3615 toll free or visit him at: for additional TONIK health information.

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