Ephedra Alternative Just as Effective for Weight Loss

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WARP 9 Users Safely Losing Weight with Ephedra Substitute as the ban on Ephedra is lifted.

A federal judge Thursday struck down the FDA ban on ephedra, the once-popular weight-loss aid that was yanked from the market after it was linked to dozens of deaths – including that of Baltimore Orioles pitching prospect Steve Bechler.

The judge ruled in favor of a Utah supplement company that challenged the Food and Drug Administration's ban. Nutraceutical President Bruce Hough said the lawsuit had little to do with ephedra and more to do with forcing the FDA to follow the rules Congress set down for it. He said Nutraceutical interprets the ruling to mean that the company is allowed to start selling ephedra supplements again, but added that it is too soon to say whether it will put the products back on the market.

Consumers are also left wondering if they should go back to using ephedra supplements that were once widely used for weight loss and bodybuilding, with industry groups claiming at least 12 million users. The amphetamine-like stimulant, which speeds the heart rate and constricts blood vessels, has been linked to 155 deaths. The federal government banned it one year ago.

Since then popular alternatives have shown up in the marketplace. The most effective ephedra free product is WARP 9 by DynaPure Nutrition (http://www.getleanquick.com). Dan Maiullo, CEO of DynaPure explained, "WARP 9 actually mimics ephedrine by utilizing the same biochemical pathways, but with a nutritional approach. It safely keeps your body's natural metabolism in charge. Unfortunately, ephedra artificially stimulates the adrenals to produce a boost in metabolism and body temperature, which makes it potentially unsafe because your body is no longer in charge. Because of safe, effective alternatives like WARP 9, the dangers of ephedra should no longer be risked by the consumer."

Users of the patent pending WARP 9 have claimed the product dramatically reduces appetite and boosts metabolism just like ephedra once did. DynaPure formulator and Chief Science Officer Pete Maletto said "With ingredients like green tea, L-phenylalanine and 5-HTP there is no reason to use ephedrine. In the correct combination and ratio these safe and natural alternatives are clinically proven to help reduce appetite and boost your metabolism."

Other concerns with lifting the FDA ban include increasing the availability of ephedra to drug users, who make ephedra and ephedrine analogs into the deadly drug methamphetamine (also known as speed, meth, crystal, crank, tina, and ice). Even though ephedra raises blood pressure and pulse per unit greater than methamphetamine, it's the administration (snorting, smoking or injecting) of methamphetamine by drug users that make it deadly.

Methamphetamine is a chemical widely known for its stimulant properties on the human body. It is frequently confused with other drugs that share similar chemical structures, including amphetamine, ephedrine and other chemicals, both legal and illegal. Last year in the US, methamphetamine claimed the lives of over 3000 people (mostly youths under 21) and it's expected to nearly double this year. Maletto said "Like Steve Bechler, you never know what health issues you may have. I wouldn't take ephedrine myself knowing that it could push me over the edge and cause death. There are too many safe weight loss alternatives to risk it, and I'm proud we have a replacement to help thousands of people lose weight, with safety first in mind."

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