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Quietly, a growing community of super successful network marketers are creating legendary results. Their methods? Combining Optimized Leads with Conversational Recruiting. This secret society of super recruiters is doing what many thought impossible.

Quietly, a growing community of super successful network marketers are creating legendary results. Their methods? Combining Optimized Leads with Conversational Recruiting.

This secret society of super recruiters is doing what many thought impossible. One Conversational Recruiter reported recruiting over 90% of the qualified prospects he approached about his opportunity. Another broke sales records with an 18 year old network marketing company, by taking his business from ground zero to $103,000 in his first year.

This new form of recruiting is revolutionizing the network marketing industry, and it all started with the findings of two little-known companies.

MLM lead list calling has changed for the worse, indicates new research by and It’s no longer enough to smile and dial. It’s no longer enough to “show up and throw up”. And, it’s no longer enough to use the worn out and over-used scripts peddled by trainers. Top recruiters are now tossing those methods over the side of the ship to save themselves.

Like any massive paradigm shift, this shift in mlm lead list calling is scattering bones all over the network marketing industry.

If the brute methods of the 80’s and 90’s worked, network marketers would be growing organizations as fast as they did during those years. Sadly, they’re not.

Research by shows two telling signs. First - MLM distributors who are focusing on middle and bottom-tier prospects are barely able to keep their group volume stable. If they’re keeping level, it’s purely because of sadistically overworking their MLM business. Second - Today’s top-tier prospects want authentic communication. defines top-tier prospects (20% in any MLM leads list) as those who are looking for an opportunity now and capable of building a business.

Looking means they want to do something now. Capable means they have the contacts, credibility, work-ethic, and desire to make it happen. Any MLM lead list or genealogy list typically contains 19-23% who are top-tier. Focusing on the top-tier eliminates the time and emotional draining that MLM lead calls create. And, focusing on top-tier leads gives you more creative time to train, support, and nurture the good and great people you’ll be sponsoring. These are the only people who can exponentially propel your organization size and increase your check! documented 1,400 actual MLM conversations over a 12 month period. These 1,400 calls created $103,000 in MLM income in an 18 year old company.

Conversational Recruiting was born, grew, and was refined out of this foundation. Today, before prospects look at your flash site, listen to your sizzle call, or 3-way with your upline, they need to feel like they’re engaged in meaningful conversation with you.

How do you make this happen? By following a distinct process of call control. We have termed this new skill “Conversational Recruiting.” When calling MLM leads with this process, you don’t follow an overused script. Instead, you naturally guide your prospect using the way their brain works when looking at an opportunity. Your prospect doesn’t feel manipulated or twisted into an opportunity.

With conversational recruiting, you experience high levels of bonding and rapport. This in turn leads to open and honest two-way communication about your opportunity.

You eliminate the “premature” presentations that only frustrate your prospects and waste your time. And, you’ll sponsor those who are looking and matter if they’re negative, neutral, or positive. And, you’ll know how to do an autopsy on calls that didn’t go the way you wanted.

Conversational Recruiting pros don’t end up with “think-it-overs”. They know how to handle prospects with no money. Participants in Conversational Recruiting Training are learning how to work genealogy leads with the genealogy decision tree methods - which includes working with prospects who say, “I’m happy with my current company,” and “MLM doesn’t work”.

Networkers who have attended the one hour introduction of Conversational Recruiting teleconferences have been blown away by how these techniques work on prospects. Here is what a few of them said:

“You and Kevin did a great job last night. I was impressed. The content was both informative and enlightening. I am very interested to learn this technology. It seems to offer the tools for converting a cold market prospect into a warm market relationship via communication skills.”

“First let me say last night’s call was amazing! I enjoyed it very much and was so energized after I wanted to start calling people, however it was a little late. What you and Kevin have to offer is fresh and I also believe that the old sell is very tired and over used and we all need a fresh and honest approach.”

“The way you guys spoke to the prospect was so much better than I speak to them right now. I want to get to that level of confidence and expertise.”

“Great call. left me feeling frustrated & wanting all the info now. You know what I mean? Great stuff.”

Is Conversational Recruiting for everyone? No, because there’s a six month learning curve. This flies in the face of the decade old training tapes, inexpensive ebooks and manipulative scripts promising silver bullets. It’s for those who are committed to the MLM industry long-term.

Get ready for less stress, less time on the phone recruiting, and finally ending the humiliation that accompanies defeat in MLM.

Merging Conversational Recruiting with Optimized MLM Leads launches you into the top 5% of recruiters nationwide. Once there, you’ll enjoy the time and money lifestyle that network marketing - done right - can provide.

Now, for the first time, Conversational Recruiting is being shared with a select group of networks who crave to be the best. The first, and only, Conversational Recruiting training will begin May 2, 2005. The 6 month program is designed only for those people who want to be the best recruiters in the network marketing industry.

On Wednesday, April 20th, and the following Wednesday, April 26th, there will be introductory teleconferences on Conversational Recruiting from 8:30 – 9:30 PM (EST). During the teleconference, listeners can participate in live role plays. Seating is limited to the first 100 participants.

To reserve your spot, visit and sign up for the newsletter. Invitations are only sent out to subscribers of the newsletter. Once you are signed up, you will receive an invitation the same day.

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