Scripture Scrubs is Stirring up Controversy and Making an Impact

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When Scripture Scrubs was first introduced into the Healthcare market a little over a year ago, very little was being said. But this has all changed. There are now sites that actually stir up very heated discussions on the subject of and about Scripture Scrubs and ones Faith or belief.

It was back in October 2003 when owner, Barbara Payne first received the vision from God to place His words onto medical uniform tops. Being a Registered Nurse and a wearer of scrubs, she realized what a powerful impact that these tops would have in the Healthcare field. Little did she realize just what kind of an impact these tops would make.

While 95% of responses to the tops have been positive, the 5% remaining has been very negative, if not down right hostile.

Being discussed on several sites on the Internet, there are many people, including nurses, that seem to think that wearing ones faith/belief on their uniform is a form of "Abuse" or is viewed as a "Thing" that should be left at home and not brought into the workplace.

Some even go as far as to say that they would be afraid if a nurse was taking care of them while wearing a Scripture Scrubs top. Even some of the "Christian" healthcare workers express a negative approach about sharing and also wearing ones faith at work. But, as one Scripture Scrubs customer wrote, "Wow, you know that you are following God's plan when there is a "terrorists" web site set up against you".

Scripture Scrubs does experience opposition to their product, but this only means that the tops are being talked about and in turn, people are talking about the Father.

These comments have not slowed down sales. In fact, the sales have grown.

When three new designs were introduced, they sold out in less than three weeks, and many positive stories have been sent to the company detailing experiences while wearing the tops. One was about a nurse being asked to read the Bible to a dying patient, when that patient asked. This patient felt comfortable about asking because she saw the nurse "wearing her Faith", another nurse has been given many opportunities to tell others, when approached, about her faith.

Scripture Scrubs has begun to open doors that were kept closed at work. While taking into consideration the diverse nature of our society, Scripture Scrubs offers a way to not say a word about your faith, only to show it. These tops are not so different than the others that are on the market. But what does make them very different is the Theme. It is ok for a Nurse or someone else to wear little dogs and cartoons, but not anything that has to do with Scripture or that has a religious design. That is too controversial and could infringe on some ones rights.

We live in a society of to much "political correctness" when what we need to do is to "Go boldly and spread the Good News", the Good news about the Savior and the hope and comfort that He alone can give. We are all called to be a part of the Great Commission: To spread the Word about God. This is what Scripture Scrubs is doing, in a very unique and quiet way.

In Josh. 1:9 we are told to "be strong and courageous, that the Lord is with us every where we go". To wear Scripture Scrubs, you need to be strong and be ready for the controversy or for the blessing.

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