Hot Pepper Nasal Spray Could be The Answer To Allergies & Rhinitis

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More than 22 million Americans suffer from allergic Rhinitis, most commonly referred to as Â?hay feverÂ?. Every spring through autumn, patients pop pills, and snort nasal sprays with dangerous side effects and no real relief. Finally science is beginning to pin down the causes and treatments for chronic allergies, and according to many, the answer for relief may be old fashioned Â?Hot PeppersÂ?.

More than 22 million Americans suffer from allergic rhinitis, most commonly referred to as old fashion “Hay Fever”. For the average patient, Hay Fever is simply the laymen’s way of describing what is regarded as general allergies. Chronic cases can include any combination of symptoms including stuffy nose, watery eyes, fatigue, and worst of all -- headaches. General Allergy symptoms can be caused by a variety of triggers including pollen, mold, fresh cut grass and blooming spring flowers.

Most allergy sufferers respond to more than one environmental trigger making allergy season considerably longer than most people realize. For instance, a person who reacts adversely to spring flowers and low pollen counts may also react to high pollen counts in late summer. The average American allergy patient will experience a variety of symptoms from early April through late September – with the severity of those symptoms fluctuating throughout. As pollen counts change and humidity levels increase, many patients experience more severe symptoms. In addition, temperatures and wind speeds are also important factors that effect allergy sufferers. Basically it all adds up to chronic sufferers being forced to continue long term usage of Over The Counter (OTC) and Prescription allergy medications with no real end in sight, and no true relief either.

Though many of the most popular allergy relief products have been on the market for years, it is widely believed by physicians that long term use of these pills and nasal sprays can be dangerous and possibly addictive. In recent years, the medical industry has attempted to steer patients away from artificially synthesized drugs, and toward more natural methods. Dehumidifiers, Hepafilters, Saline Sprays and Nasal Irrigators have all become highly recommended by doctors, but now there’s an “all natural” nasal spray that may prove to be the answer to nearly every allergy sufferer’s prayers.

It’s the world’s first hot pepper nasal spray known as “Sinus Buster”. Within one year, this strange product has built an impeccable reputation with more than one thousand physicians around the world. Sinus Buster’s main active ingredient is hot pepper extract – particularly Capsaicin, the natural chemical that dictates the hotness of hot peppers. According to officials at SiCap Industries, makers of Sinus Buster, the effectiveness of their product relies on more than just the capsaicin.

“In the pharmaceutical industry they sometimes have a tough time thinking out of the box. With them everything relies on one main active ingredient. It’s all about synthesized drugs that are far removed from their natural compounds. That’s because they can get a lot more money for something that’s been synthesized so it can become a patented drug. Big Pharma avoids natural medicine because the profit is so much lower, but they use the best aspects of natural cures to design their drugs. Yes capsaicin is the main active ingredient in Sinus Buster, but the eucalyptus and rosemary are equally important. We’ve spent years honing this formula to get the right combination of all natural ingredients. After all this is the only all natural capsaicin based nasal spray available and it works like a charm,” says Wayne Perry, President of SiCap Industries.

Sinus Buster does have one heck of a reputation for relieving chronic sinus conditions and chronic headaches. It also has one heck of a bite when you first use it. Sinus Buster wakes you up faster than a strong cup of morning java. There’s no doubt this formula instantly relieves nasal congestion, but it also has a cumulative effect on blocking allergy triggers such as pollen. Most chronic allergy sufferers who use Sinus Buster claim near complete relief within two weeks of use, and complete relief within a month. Beyond the first month, most allergy patients reduce usage to an “as needed” regimen to aid in the blocking of allergy triggers thus preventing chronic symptoms altogether.

“The whole secret to Sinus Buster is it works for most everyone. While some people need to use it regularly to combat severe chronic allergies, many other people may only need to use it once in a while like on days when the pollen count is high. This formula really is the answer to every allergy sufferer’s prayers. We’re talking instant symptom relief for most users,” Perry explains.

Sinus Buster has recently grabbed the attention of some major medical researchers due to the overwhelming body of anecdotal evidence both from patients and physicians. SiCap industries is presently involved in several clinical trials concerning various sinus and headache treatments. A new study about to begin in the United States is concentrating on Sinus Buster’s effectiveness for relieving allergic Rhinitis symptoms. Many doctors are already recommending Sinus Buster as a replacement for OTC sprays and intranasal steroids -- namely because it’s effective and safe for extended use.

“The key to fighting allergies over the long term is that patients have to continue treatment basically forever. If you have spring allergies or summer allergies or whatever, you will always have symptoms during those periods. So you need something that can relieve the symptoms and prevent them at the same time. You need something you can take as often as you may need depending on the allergy triggers you’re facing. You need something with no added chemicals and no artificial crap. Sinus Buster is completely natural and it’s designed to be used as often or as little as necessary. So it fits everyone. All the ingredients are totally natural food grade ingredients, and it’s even considered safe for pregnant women. No other nasal spray can say that,” adds Perry.

Sinus Buster can be purchased on the web and in select retailers throughout North America. This formula is available in the original stream spray bottle (10.99), and the newer metered dose bottle ($15.99). Doctors recommend the metered dose version for treating allergies and chronic sinus conditions. Both bottles work against headaches of various types although the stream sprayer may prove better for acute cluster headache attacks.

Information about Sinus Buster is everywhere – from WebMD to MSN. You can even find it on Ebay, but the best way to find out more is to visit the company website at ( You can find links to local retailers there, and an online store that offers SiCap natural health products. Samples and info kits are also available for qualified media and medical personnel upon request.

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