From the Texas Hill Country, BG’s Gifts & Collectibles announces the launch of their online Affiliate & Wholesaler programs.

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Â?People always ask us, 'how can I get into the gift and collectible business?' - So we added an affiliate and wholesaler program to help them.Â? This is why we decided to expand our business with an affiliate and wholesale option for others.

BG's Gifts and Collectibles has been in the Texas Hill Country in Bandera for a good number of years. Bandera is a tourist community averaging thousands of visitors on any given weekend. We also have many winter Texans who are regular customers. “Our customers from the North wanted a way to buy our gifts so we opened up a web business. That's how we came to be online.” Bobbie related. She set up in early 2001, just so these customers could find the gifts and collectibles they wanted to give to others or buy for themselves.

Bobbie and Dan Grasser run their offline business, BG's Gifts & Collectibles offering a wide range of products that are mostly items for around the home. Dan calls them 'nick knacks', or 'dust collectors', yet Bobbie is very passionate about every item she sells. “A home is not a home if it isn't decorated”; and this is how she relates to their customers. Their customers just seem to love their gifts. When we visited customers were buying water fountains, triples scented candles (they make their own), and rooster plates that hang on the wall. Their gifts are all new, mixed in town full of western orientated gifts and antiques. All their gifts are quality and colorful more on the feminine side than the rustic that fits the town that calls itself the Cowboy Capital of the World.

On to their Internet business which is the focus of this article. We wondered just how well their online business, was doing with so much competition online in the area of gifts. Dan explained the first two years were rough at best. “The Online business is different than a retail shop. The first two years we lost money having a web site.” His comment sounded like the ads put out for those bus-ops sites, and the Internet Guru's who claim they can help when the statistical analysis has shown that 98% of all home based business fail. So what did they do differently to be able to offer an affiliate and a wholesaler program from their and how is it working.

We had to pry it out of them. They now have a sister site that tells people who they are and what they have to offer to help them set themselves up as a affiliate and/or wholesaler to sell gifts. They set up a newsletter that can be subscribed to from either site to help their affiliate/wholesalers to better sell and make an income, and they use the conference phone line as well.

“To better explain who we are and what type of people we are, we needed a way to show people online we just weren't another web site but real people.” Dan said, “In our shop we get to talk to people, which in turn encourages them to purchase gifts. They also come back because you are friendly. How do you do that Online? It was

a big question.”

What turned it around for Bobbie and Dan was Mentors in Motion, the 3hr’s of Power Seminar hosted by Val Smith through Jeff Mills. What they learned from (what they called the only seminar that paid them back), was how to approach their business differently, think differently, and now they are passing on this opportunity to others. Bobbie commented, “We took what we were doing in our shop and combined it with what we learned through Mentors in Motion and it all started to come together.” The out come was the addition of their sister site where they tell you exactly who they are and what they can offer to help anyone start a business.

Dan has put up his own site to complement both gift sites and is offering Mentors in Motion and Mentors in Motion Fast Track programs both of which come directly from Val Smith.

Dan put it this way. "Our is our Online store. You can’t tell people much about yourself on this type of web page. Our tells people about us and who we are. It tells them what how we can help them by showing them ways and means to sell gifts wholesale or how to be an affiliate. Our is mostly about who I am, and presents information on helping people change the way their life has been going by giving them resources such as the Mentors in Motion programs that can pay them back". He has developed the Power of Seven approach to aid anyone starting in a home based business market online or off. He is publishing an ebook 'The True Secret to Wealth' due out in May of 2005, and will continue adding to his Wealth newsletter.

The affiliate program through will be a one tiered program paying 15% to each affiliate on sales referred by them. The wholesaler program is up to how much time and effort a person wants to put into it. The wholesaler prices are just that, wholesale providing a 35% or higher markup for the person participating in there program.

For further information on either or all of the programs offered, contact:

Dan or Bobbie Grasser

BG’s Gifts & Collectibles

PO Box 572, Bandera TX 78003


Phone: 1-830-456-9556 or 9557

Web pages:


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