How Text Link Ads Can Help – Or Hurt – Your Link Popularity

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Buying text link ads is no longer a foolproof way to increase your website's link popularity. As the founder of a search engine optimization company will tell you, there are smarter Internet marketing strategies to target traffic and sales.

How do I increase the amount of targeted, eager-to-buy traffic coming to my webpage?

You've just purchased several text link ads, and you are confident that you will start getting some major traffic and generating major sales. After all, you’ve read one of the most effective Internet marketing strategies to achieve great search engine rankings and a stellar PageRank is to have several inbound links. But then something goes wrong. Seriously wrong. Instead of a listing on page 1, your link popularity has plummeted, and Google has dumped you into the cobwebbed netherworld of search results. What happened?

A quick query to Google will generate this response, their official stance on text link ads:

“Certain actions such as buying or selling links to increase a site's PageRank value can result in penalization. Please review our quality guidelines at Google Webmaster Guidlines for more information. If you identify problems with your website and make the changes necessary to comply with these guidelines, please do not hesitate to contact us.”

Many webmasters are learning a hard lesson these days...indiscriminately gobbling up paid text link ads that aren't relevant to your site and don't relate to the interests of your target market is not acceptable to Google and will not increase your link popularity. Instead, Google's golden rule seems to be, “Just do what's best for your users and pretend we aren’t even here.”

Leaving Big Bad Backward Links Behind

It's easy to get caught up in the need-top-rankings-now craze, says Michael Pedone, founder of, a professional search engine optimization company. However, Google is letting us know loud and clear that bad linking schemes created only to artificially boost link popularity can no longer be used with impunity.

Does that mean that link popularity is a dead issue? “Far from it,” Pedone said. “Search engines still place a lot of weight on incoming links to your site, making them just as important as ever. But now it's not about numbers; it's about quality and relevance.”

Search engines, particularly Google, want to see text link ads on sites that are related to each other – links that are specifically aimed at attracting qualified traffic. They're trying to convince us to promote our businesses the same way we did before the advent of the engines – by investing in marketing strategies that our ideal prospects are bound to see and act upon.

The New Norm

When it comes to Internet marketing strategies, the new norm is "How do I increase the amount of targeted, eager-to-buy traffic coming to my webpage?" not "How do I trick the engines into giving me a higher PageRank?"

With that in mind, here are some safe ways that Pedone and the team at his search engine optimization company recommend to naturally increase your link popularity and website traffic:

1. Create an attractive, content-rich website that people want to link to. Fresh, interesting information is the key to gaining unsolicited text link ads.

2. Do you have business partners in a related field? Contact their webmaster to set up a mutually beneficial link partnership.

3. Research business directories that serve your industry. Inquire about their target audience, number of visitors, cost for text link ads, etc. An ad on a highly-ranked page in a relevant directory can do wonders for your placement and deliver qualified customers to you.

4. Allow your visitors to link to you by creating a "link to us" page complete with HTML code and images they can easily grab.

For more information that can lead to improved link popularity and an increase in targeted traffic, Pedone can be reached by calling toll free 877-785-9977. His search engine optimization company will also conduct a free search engine optimization analysis of any website. With a purposeful, thought-out linking campaign that includes relevant text link ads, you will soon be attracting prospects looking for your product or service – without risking the wrath of Google!

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