Dieselpoint Search Version 3.5 Released - All-Java Enterprise Search Software Adds New Features

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Dieselpoint, a national leader in the search software marketplace, today announced the next-generation version of Dieselpoint SearchÂ?, which provides a comprehensive all-Java solution to the problem of finding information in documents, databases and XML. - Dieselpoint Enhances Faceted Navigation Support with New Release - Dieselpoint Continues to Lead the Search Software Market on Features, Platform Support, and Speed

Dieselpoint, a national leader in the search software marketplace, today announced the next-generation version of Dieselpoint Search™, which provides a comprehensive all-Java solution to the problem of finding information in documents, databases and XML.

Dieselpoint Search provides a solution to a challenge faced by many organizations who struggle with making it easy for end users to find and discover the information they need. Whether the organization is deploying online product catalogs, document search, site search, intranet/enterprise search, knowledgebases, or embedded OEM search, the challenge remains the same: How do we make it easy for our users to find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently?

For those who track the search software industry, Dieselpoint Search is widely regarded as the most sophisticated solution on the market for applications that require full-text, navigational, and parametric search.

Since its initial release in 2000, Dieselpoint Search has made it easy to develop and deploy applications that can navigate and search data from any source. Today, Dieselpoint Search is the search software solution of choice for many leading retailers, wholesalers, publishers, government agencies, healthcare organizations, technology firms, and companies in a variety of other industries.

Version 3.5 Focuses on Faceted Navigation

In Dieselpoint Search 3.5, developers have access to a host of new features that will enhance their search implementations.

The new release continues to strengthen a key feature of Dieselpoint Search: the ability to intelligently navigate through data based on the data's structure and its attributes. Data about data, or "faceted metadata" as it is termed in the search software business, is increasingly common. For example, an entry into a song lyrics database would certainly contain the full text of the song lyrics, but it could also contain additional faceted metadata, such as the author of the song, the genre, the creation date, recording artists who recorded the song, the recording label, the country of origin, and several other self-defining attributes.

The ability to tap into the power of metadata is a key strength of Dieselpoint Search. All search software provides full-text search capabilities. In a song lyrics application, for example, users can search for a phrase such as "sky with diamonds". Dieselpoint Search fully supports full-text search, but the software differentiates itself from other search software products by allowing metadata facets to be exposed in the search interface, enabling guided browsing via dynamically-generated hyperlinks.

This faceted navigation feature allows end users to do things like drill-down through categories (e.g. song genre) to find results, rather than just doing a text search. Users can navigate large information spaces without feeling lost. The interface can guide the user toward possible choices. The end result is that users find information they are interested in quickly and efficiently.

With this release, Dieselpoint adds enhanced support for taxonomy-driven searches. In search software terminology, a taxonomy is a knowledge model organized into a hierarchical arrangement. For example, song lyrics might be categorized by genre (e.g. rock) and each genre may include sub-categories (e.g. punk rock, classic rock). In Version 3.5, there is a new taxonomy datatype that lets developers take maximum advantage of these interrelationships between attributes. In addition, new internal indices for taxonomy attributes are automatically generated, resulting in ultra-fast search performance and facet display.

"Integrating guided browsing driven by metadata with advanced text search capabilities represents the next-generation of information access for enterprise search -- a much more powerful solution than that offered by traditional search software." notes Dieselpoint CEO Chris Cleveland. "The reality is that sometimes it's best to search and other times it's best to browse. With our software, developers can find the right balance between searching and browsing - the solution that is best for their end users."

A fully functional version of Dieselpoint 3.5 is available for download at http://www.dieselpoint.com. In addition to making it easier to generated faceted navigation search interfaces, Version 3.5 contains many other features, including the ability to preprocess and modify data prior to indexing; enhanced crawling, indexing and logging features; extended support for wildcard-based searches; and "secure search" support for sensitive or confidential data.

About Dieselpoint:

Dieselpoint provides advanced search software for enterprise-class applications. By leveraging the power of structure in documents and databases, Dieselpoint provides superior search results. Customers are currently using Dieselpoint for XML search, pdf search, catalog search, and intranet search, and OEM search applications. Because the product is written entirely in Java, it runs under all major Java application servers and is fully portable across platforms - from mainframes to Unix to Windows to Mac. No other major search software provider offers an all-Java solution. For more information, visit http://www.dieselpoint.com.

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