Body Detoxification: One Vital Tool for Surviving Earth's Mysterious New Epidemics

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From Avian Flu to Superbugs -- Hygiene, Common Sense, and Detoxification Programs are Powerful Weapons against Emerging Diseases, Say Flora Health Experts

Since the beginning of recorded history, mankind has been subjected to outbreaks of strange new diseases.

The Bubonic Plague of the 1300's killed one-third of Europe's population. A 1918 outbreak of "Spanish Flu" killed 25 million worldwide. And since the outbreak of HIV, 20 million lives have been lost and fifty million are now infected.

Lesser numbers have been killed or incapacitated, no less tragically, by sudden, inexplicable illnesses like SARS, Legionnaire's Disease, and Gulf War Syndrome.

How many will ultimately succumb to the Avian Flu, a pandemic-in-the-making which world health officials publicly predict could sweep the globe and kill up to 20 million men, women, and children?    

With outbreaks of new diseases seemingly occurring every year, one obvious question might be, “what can the average person do to improve his or her chances of ‘beating the bugs’ and staying healthy”?    

The health experts at Flora Inc., (, one of North America's largest organic nutritional supplement makers, say the first line of defense against emerging diseases is simple hygiene.

Research shows many viruses can remain alive in droplets of saliva on plastic surfaces for several days, so washing one's hands after touching objects like handrails, shopping carts, and table tops can prevent transmission of the virus to yourself or others. A word of caution: Wash with regular soaps, as “antibacterial” soaps can turn bugs into "superbugs", germs which no longer can be killed with antibiotics.

Common sense is your second line of defense, say the Flora health experts. The World Health Organization (WHO) studied how the 2003 SARS epidemic was spread through air travel. In one case study, WHO reported 16 people became infected on one airplane --14 were sitting within two rows of a SARS carrier, and 2 were flight attendants.

Common sense should tell us it’s not wise to allow people manifesting flu symptoms or respiratory illnesses to travel on crowded public transportation systems. Although detrimental to the health of all, it’s politically incorrect to prohibit sneezing or coughing passengers from flying on airplanes – although this attitude could change during a major worldwide outbreak of influenza.        

Flora’s health experts say the third tool in the battle against infectious disease is to build a strong immunity through diet and detoxification programs.

Strengthen your immunity by eating three meals a day, including five fruits and vegetables, and eliminate white sugar and caffeine. Eight to ten glasses of water are essential to help the body flush out toxins stored in the organs and cells. Daily outdoor exercise in a location where the air isn't polluted is also crucial.

Antioxidant supplements have also been found to help with body detoxification, and are a vital tool for building a functioning immune system. One of the most powerful organic antioxidants available comes in the form of a blended herb tea known as Flor-Essence. A study conducted by the University of British Columbia in Canada found that Flor-Essence tea destroyed 14 times more free radicals than did Vitamin C.

With a strong immune system, exposure to a disease won't automatically result in sickness, say the Flora health experts. And if you do become ill, with a healthy immune system, your recovery time should be shortened.

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