Ephedra Substitute with Green Tea and 5-HTP an Effective Alternative for Weight Loss

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Energy And Weight Loss Users Look For Ephedra After The Ban Is Lifted and Find WARP 9 More Than Effective

Don't be looking for Ephedra anytime soon. The ephedra ban, which was lifted by a federal judge on April 14, 2005 had consumers believing that ephedra would be available immediately, but instead many have found the number one alternative, a product called WARP 9 by DynaPure Nutrition (http://www.getleanquick.com).

One consumer, Jessica Brown of Georgia said after the ban that she felt that she would give low dose ephedra another try. She was unable to find it but she stumbled onto WARP 9 at her local health food store. She said "WARP 9 was amazingly similar to the energizing effects of ephedra, I feel exactly the same way, except I'm not crashing later in the day. I've tried Green Tea before but it never felt like this, I guess it's a combination of all the nutrients together that make it so effective. I'm even more excited that I'm not putting my health at risk using ephedra."

Rumors persist the FDA is currently reorganizing to appeal the ephedra decision. It deemed ephedra alkaloids to be “adulterated” and to present “an unreasonable risk of illness or injury”, since the reports of increased risk of heart attack, stroke and death. "The agency interprets the judge's language to mean that the ban remains in effect for products containing higher dosages of ephedra," FDA spokeswoman Kimberly Rawlings said. "The FDA is considering all options for its next steps."

Meanwhile, consumers aren't likely to see the return of ephedra supplements to the market anytime soon, according to a leading trade group for the herbal supplement industry. If any products are out there it was from way before the ruling. Most scams would occur over the internet selling expired ineffective ephedra products.

"Are we going to see a lot of ephedra products in the next couple of weeks? Absolutely not," said Michael McGuffin, president of the American Herbal Products Association. "The judge's ruling only protected the Nutraceutical International brand, and I don't think anyone else will go out there and play chicken with the FDA."

So as the FDA prepares to appeal the ruling against it, many more consumers are realizing the similar effects of a safer patent pending alternative, WARP 9, which is dubbed “the Ephedrine Replacement System”. According to the company’s website, WARP 9 actually mimics ephedra by utilizing the same biochemical pathways in the body, but safely keeps the body's own natural metabolism in charge.

Chief Science Officer and formulator Pete Maletto explained how it was possible to mimic ephedra without using it in the WARP 9 formula "Ephedra reduced appetite by decreasing specific hunger signals in the brain. We studied this beneficial effect and take a responsible approach using safe, effective nutrients like 5-HTP and others in WARP 9 that mimic the same appetite reducing effects as ephedra, but with none of the dangerous side effects. Then as an added benefit, we formulated WARP 9 to boost metabolism with safe clinically proven nutrients like Green Tea that allow your body to stay in control of the heat it produces by burning fat. We made sure that all the ingredients in WARP 9 have a long history of safe usage before marketing the product."

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