What Do Men Really Dream about? Is it Sex or Sports?

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Men's dreams about sports reveal much about their personalities, desires, potential, motivation, strengths and weaknesses

“While men do fantasize about sexual encounters, many adult males have rich dreams and daydreams about being sports heroes,” according to Jay P. Granat, Ph.D.

“Many men have dreams about pitching in the bottom or the ninth inning in the seventh game of the World Series or sinking a putt to win a major golf tournament.”

Dr. Granat, a psychotherapist and the founder of StayInTheZone.com, frequently explores dreams and daydreams when he coaches athletes.

“ When counseling athletes who want to enhance their performance, I often explore their dreams with them. This exploration frequently gives insight into the athlete’s blocks, weaknesses, strengths, motivation, and untapped potential.

The athlete and I explore the following kinds of dreams in great detail:

1. The earliest dream the athlete can recall

2. The most meaningful dream they have ever had

3. The most frequently occurring dream or dreams in their lives

4. The most terrifying dream the athlete has experienced

5. A dream in which they choked or failed to perform well

6. The dream of a past perfect performance.

7. The dream of a future perfect performance.

8. Recent dreams prior to important events

The discussion of these dreams combined with counseling frequently provide the athlete with useful information which their conscious mind was simply unaware of.

The people in the dreams, the symbols in the dreams, the content of the dreams and the feelings connected with the dreams tell me and the athlete a great deal about the athlete’s successes and struggles.

For example, an athlete who has a dream that he or she choked in front of a large crowd, is probably a person who is quite concerned about pleasing others or about being the center of attention.

Some athletes dream about pleasing their teammates or their coaches.

Others frequently see themselves accomplishing fantastic things in their dreams. A pitcher who came to see me began having repetitive dreams about pitching no hitter. Interestingly, he had a fine ERA and fine record while he was having these pleasant dreams.”

Dr. Granat encourages athletes to dream and to keep journals about their dreams. Sometimes we can encourage dreaming through the utilization of hypnosis and self-hypnosis.

Granat, who has worked with athletes from a wide range of sports including golf, tennis, baseball, basketball, bowling, soccer, hockey, boxing, the martial arts, football, billiards, and fencing has developed a self-help program for athletes, coaches and parents of athletes. The program is $99.95 and is available at StayInTheZone.com.

Athletes with questions or concerns can reach Dr. Granat at 888 580-ZONE.

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