Free Online Piano Lesson On "How To Find The Key Of Any Song When There Are Flats In The Key Signature"

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A free online piano lesson On "How To Find The Key Of Any Song When There Are Flats In The Key Signature" is now available online from in Medford, Oregon. It is part of a 101 week series of online piano lessons on chords and chord progressions.

A free online piano lesson on finding the key of any song is available now from of Medford, Oregon. A free service of, this lesson is useful not only to piano players, but to musicians of all kinds, as it explains the basis of harmony.

Musicians who play in groups need to be able to locate the key of the song they are playing, and if they play by ear, this can sometimes be a problem. But there are techniques available which allow a person to figure out what key a song is in simply by counting the number of flats in a key signature. Since there are just seven possible flats, and since they always occur in exactly the same order in a key signature, it becomes a simple matter to determine the key once a musician knows the formula. For those who play by ear, knowing whether other group members are playing an Eb musical instrument or a Bb instrument goes a long way toward deterring the key.

The same is true of sharp keys, but that is the subject of another separate lesson.

For a free sight-and-sound demonstration of this key-identification technique please go to This lesson is one in a series of 101 weekly piano lessons online, all of which are free for the asking.

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