CEO Claims Athletic Performance Enhancing Technology as Effective as Steroids

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Hundreds of college, university and high school coaches have given Landro® play analysis technology the green light to build smarter athletes.

Jerry Salandro, CEO and inventor of the Landro® play analyzer, claims his new technology can be just as effective as steroids to prep players for the game. Gaining wide recognition in sports programs across the country, the Landro allows coaches tape-less access to up to 20,000 video clips in less than a second. Studying game video has long been accepted as a key to building better programs; professional sports teams and coaches have used the strategy since the days of film projectors. While the methods used are often complicated and laborious, Landro is 100 times faster than traditional VCRs, tape or video editing systems.

As for the claim that this new technology can be as effective in sports as the controversial usage of steroids, Salandro commented, "Despite being illegal as well as dangerous, athletes continue to abuse these substances because they believe they'll become stronger faster. Landro uses proven teaching technology to make players smarter faster and it's legal. It’s a positive approach instead of a negative one. I've not met a coach yet who would prefer a stronger player over a smarter one."

A former high school teacher and coach, Salandro explained why he felt a change was needed in the game strategy and play analysis arena. "I was constantly frustrated with using video as a teaching tool because of the miserable hassles of tape. Rewind, fast-forward, pause, eject – it all kept me from using video, even though it has been proven the most effective tool for teaching in a way that makes kids remember."

Referring to studies that show using video increases a student’s retention by 70%, Salandro harnessed this power to help create better athletes. "Viewing performance reinforces good technique and corrects bad--this is true for teaching anything, from science to music," he explained. "We took the technology to football coaches first because they know the value of studying video repeatedly. When they can review technique and then practice what they see, they find they are building smarter players faster."

The Landro website is filled with testimonials from coaches around the country who claim that Landro has helped them win more games and receive more scholarships for their student athletes. The company is currently branching out to other sports and educational markets. Landro play analyzer is being used in colleges and universities for video analysis in counselor training and speech pathology and has recently been installed at the Pentagon to analyze news footage of the war in Iraq.

About Landro

Landro is a division of IRIS Technologies and is a privately held company that manufactures and sells products that make video easier to use. Visit or for more information about IRIS Technologies and Landro play analyzer.

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