4Most Innovations Introduces Another Weapon in the War Against Wasps and Hornets

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4Most Innovations, known as the manufacturer of the Gotcha Sprayer, an adaptor used to spray aerosol cans from the end of an extension pole, has now added an insecticide duster to the lineup. The duster attaches to the Gotcha Sprayer and can be used to apply insecticide dust up to 24ft away without the use of a ladder.

It seems that wasps and hornets are everywhere these days. They are building nests in the eaves of homes, under decks, picnic areas, schools and virtually everywhere else that you don't want them to be. Depending on the time of year they can become very aggressive in their search for food and as a result can become quite dangerous if disturbed.

A sting from a wasp or hornet can be very painful and potentially life threatening if you are allergic to their sting. The problem is, you never really know until you actually get stung. The best way to minimize the risk of being stung, at least around the home, is to eliminate the wasps and hornets and remove their nests.

The conventional way is to call an exterminator, but that can be quite expensive and in many cases they are not required to use a ladder to apply the insecticides. The other is to apply the insecticides, purchased from a local hardware store, yourself which often requires you to put yourself in a precarious position on top of a ladder in order to reach the nests.

4Most Innovations introduces the Gotcha Sprayer, which is an adaptor that can hold and trigger both aerosol insecticides and a new insecticide powder duster from the end of extension poles up to 24ft long. Using the Gotcha Sprayer to spray aerosol cans virtually eliminates the need to use a ladder, greatly reduces the amount of chemical released into the environment, and reduces the risk of being stung. Applications would include applying wasp and hornet spray, spraying tree pruning compound on freshly cut trees, certifying smoke detectors using cans of smoke detector tester. The insecticide powder duster can be used for dusting carpenter bee holes in high areas or applying baits in low areas without having to constantly stoop over.

Wasps and hornets do serve a positive purpose in nature, but sometimes the risks are too high when children, people with allergies, or pets run the risk of being stung.

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