Michigan Author Declares Bigfoot Real

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When Toronto talk show host Glenn Pelletier asked Lisa A. Shiel, author of "The Hunt for Bigfoot," if Bigfoot exists, Shiel drew upon her years of research and analysis of documented sightings and declared, Â?I would say yes, definitely.Â?

On April 20, 2005, Toronto talk radio host Glenn Pelletier of 570 News interviewed Lisa A. Shiel, author of "The Hunt for Bigfoot: A Novel," concerning the April 16th alleged sighting and filming of a Bigfoot creature in Manitoba, Canada. When asked by Pelletier if Bigfoot exists, Shiel drew upon her years of research and analysis of documented sightings and declared, “I would say yes, definitely.”

When pressed by Pelletier to explain how such a rarely observed creature could exist, Shiel replied, “People see it more often than you might think. Most of the sightings just don’t get reported to the media.”

Shiel has a master’s degree, has studied archaeology and anthropology, and can read and write ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. Coupling this background with an in-depth study of Bigfoot sightings across the US and around the world, she wrote "The Hunt for Bigfoot: A Novel" to present her own theories about the hairy hominids (popularly known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch) and human evolution in an entertaining format easily accessible by a general audience.

More recently, Shiel has turned her academic research and inquisitive mind to writing a nonfiction book on the subjects of hairy hominids, human evolution, and alternative archaeology to answer the question — What are the true origins of humankind?

During the radio interview, Shiel addressed a prevalent theory that Bigfoot is a species related to the extinct Gigantopithecus by noting, “There is very scant evidence for what that creature looked like. I tend to think they’re more like us.”

Shiel went on to explain how film footage claiming to show a Bigfoot is examined by experts from many fields, including Hollywood special effects, to look for telltale signs of ape-suited men, computer enhancements, or alterations.

The complete interview is available online at http://www.SlipdownMountain.com/media, or Lisa may be contacted by phone at (906) 523-6101 for additional information and interviews.

"The Hunt for Bigfoot: A Novel" may be purchased online at Amazon.com or on the publisher’s website (http://www.SlipdownMountain.com). Credit card orders also may be placed by phoning (toll-free) 1-877-388-5227.

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