New Research Shows Connection Between Lovemaking and Improved Health

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A series of new studies are looking at the ways a loving and sexually fulfilling relationship affects your health from heart disease to Alzheimer's to aging slower and living longer.

How would you like to relieve stress, heal wounds, protect yourself from prostate cancer, relieve pain and boost your cardio fitness all at the same time? New research is showing many benefits of lovemaking that have been long underrated. In describing how it helps your overall health, increasing attention is being given to three neurotransmitters released by the brain before, during and after sex.

1) Oxytocin promotes sexual bonding, keeping marriages alive and is stimulated by touch - massage or simply holding hands. Women who have more sex have higher levels of oestrogen, which is essential for healthy and smooth skin. An increase in oestrogen also helps to protect us from heart disease, Alzheimer's and osteoporosis.

2) Endorphins provide natural relief from the pain of arthritis, injury, even migraines. Endorphins enhance the immune system by fighting stress, dampening the harmful hormones that stress stimulates.

3) Serotonins kick in after endorphins have induced that lovely "high”. Serotonins are released during sex, which promote the very real afterglow of sex and brings relaxation and relief from stress.

A loving and sexually fulfilling relationship is not always easy to achieve. People are so busy that taking time to enjoy sexuality may seem like a challenge. Many people are turning to natural health remedies to enhance their sexual energy.

African Fly ( is a liquid aphrodisiac that can be used by both women and men to naturally increase the production and release of testosterone which is the main hormone for boosting sexual energy in the human body. Brian Ayers, the founder of Genesis BioTech, Inc. which produces African Fly says, “While people have no problem taking supplements, many are just now realizing how a sexual supplement can also fit into their lives”.

An active sex life can aid us in living longer too. According to Dr David Weeks, clinical neuropsychologist at Scotland's Royal Edinburgh Hospital, who conducted a study on a group of 3,500 people – ranging from 18 to 102 – sex actually slows the ageing process. Sex also leads to greater health and consequently a younger look.


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