Creative video company releases new way to teach and retain Spanish.

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With the ever growing need in the US to communicate in Spanish, people are looking for quick and fun ways to learn how to communicate to Spanish Speaking people. Then Quack! came into being...

“Hable usted Espanol?” If your answer is “no”, then you are a minority. Spanish is the fastest growing second language in the United States. Even if you’ve never formally studied Spanish, you likely know the important phrases, like Aye Chihuahua, La Vida Loca, and Yo quiero Taco Bell. Can you say “Carmen Diaz”? This blue-eyed, fair-skinned blonde beauty is, among other nationalities, of Cuban descent. And Ricky Martin really brought the Latin culture to the foreground with his gyrating, hip-grinding Latino musica. These are just a few examples of how prevalent Spanish culture and language is, in the U.S. We’ve all grown up with Hispanic “pop” phrases and Latino superstars.

Here’s a few fast Census facts: according to the U.S. Census, the estimated Hispanic population of the U.S. as of July 1, 2003 was 39.9 million, making people of Hispanic origin the nation’s largest race or ethnic minority. Projections indicate that the Hispanic population will increase to 102.6 million by July 1, 2050. 29 million U.S. residents, reports the U.S. Census, speak Spanish at home. Statistics aside, it just makes good sense to know Spanish.

In a recent story posted at, Laura Azze reports “With the greatly increasing number of Latinos in the U.S., it is highly likely that we will all (at some point) encounter a Spanish speaking person. Perhaps your job might send you to a Spanish-speaking country, or your co-worker might be Latino. It is almost inevitable that an instance will come up in which speaking Spanish will not only be useful, but highly beneficial.”

Quack Media, a young, upstart mixed media company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan knows the value of learning Spanish in a fun and entertaining way. They’ve developed what they promise will be the next “cliff notes” of language study “What we’ve done,” says Al McWilliams, CEO for Quack Media, “is to take snatches of really funny, vintage and contemporary film clips, added voiceovers (in Spanish, of course), great music, and put it all together in a DVD package designed for all ages and income brackets.” McWilliams has a team of college students, recent grads, and musicians who perform in the Spanish Success film. Previous successful “cliff-style” DVDS include “SAT Success”, which is also based on the same entertaining, hilarious film/voiceover format.

McWilliams continues, “It’s no secret that people learn and retain information easier and faster if they relate the subject to a familiar tune or image.” A fine example is the Taco Bell jingle – Yo guiero Taco Bell. “We developed these with numerous learning techniques incorporated into the different modules to assure great retention and recall capabilities. Have fun, learn, and be prepared to communicate in Spanish easier than anything every put together on the subject.”

It’s increasingly difficult to ignore the spread of Spanish in the United States. From magazines to music, Spanish-language media have exploded. Who IS prepared? People are streaming to to get the newest, most enjoyable way of preparing to communicate well in Spanish with the Quack! Spanish Success process.

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