Instantly Convert from Serial Data Communications to Bluetooth Wireless

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Anyone with serial port communications can now convert to Bluetooth wireless communications just by plugging in a Parani10 adapter. Not only that, they can create a whole network using a Parani100 Bluetooth Gateway without having to alter their equipment in any way.

There are lots of products and equipment in service using serial communications especially RS232. Without expensive redesign, how can it be updated to use wireless technology? The answer is a new serial port to Bluetooth adapter called Parani10. This adapter is very flexible and can be set up to operate in different ways using simple PC software or through Hyperterm or similar terminal programs.

The easiest operation is to lock two Parani10 adapters together in the software to give point to point communication between the two adapters. This provides a virtual serial cable up to 200 meters long! So, with very little effort, existing RS232 cables can be replaced by a wireless link. The Parani10 adapter can also act as a Bluetooth interface for a PC via the serial port, so the PC can communicate with mobile phones and other Bluetooth devices.

If a connection needs to be made between more devices or an interface is required to a standard network, there is a partner product called Parani100 that is a Bluetooth Gateway. Again, this is setup using simple Windows software or via the Web, Telnet or a Serial Terminal program. Advanced users can even control it from their own programs using standard AT Modem commands. The Parani100 can easily be set to operate in different modes for maximum flexibility.

It can be configured to be a simple router to allow up to 7 Bluetooth nodes, such as the Parani10 Serial to Bluetooth adapters, to communicate with each other. Alternatively, it can be used to connect the Bluetooth adapters to an Ethernet network either as a Client or a Server. Because Tactical’s COM Port Redirector software is included in the package, up to 7 Parani10 Bluetooth to Serial adapters can be addressed as if they were standard COM ports. This means that the users control program code only needs minor modification to operate wirelessly. The Parani100 can also act as a repeater to extend the range of the network, and distances of 1.2Km can be obtained when it is used with optional patch antennas.

Both the Parani10 RS232 to Bluetooth adapter and the Parani100 Bluetooth Gateway are really straightforward, and no knowledge of wireless technology or Bluetooth is needed to use them. They really do provide an instant wireless network to replace serial cables with minimal effort by the engineer.

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