Jetpod Innercity Aircab/multi-role Aircraft

Appointment of Jet Central Limited; CNN news coverage; Technology funding; Investor news; and Technology update.

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(PRWEB) April 28, 2005

Avcen Limited in London is pleased to announce the following: Jet Central Limited, a newly formed sister Company to Avcen Limited, has been appointed sole worldwide agent responsible for offering specific advice to global city municipals on Jetpod innercity VQSTOL operations. This will allow Avcen time to concentrate wholly on all matters relating to the production of the Jetpod. Jet Central will also offer advice on inner-city landing sites, Jetpod pilot training, aircraft routing and the suggested method of commercial operations in the form of a centralised franchise. Jet Central will also be placing city municipal related aircraft orders with Avcen in due course. Jet Central will not place military or personal jet aircraft orders. All Jetpod and Jet Central sales will be centralized from Europe.

CNN has since the 19th April 2005 been covering the Jetpod extensively on their website and on TV. TV coverage of the Jetpod has been seen on several occasions just before prime-time TV news. The Jetpod has also appeared as a feature on the CNN Spark Technology Show on 24th April and is forecast to appear;

April 28

22:30 CEST (20:30 GMT)

Friday, April 29

13:30 CEST (11:30 GMT)

24:00 CEST (22:00 GMT)

The estimated viewers of the Jetpod on CNN will have run into the billions during this period, as some of the coverage has also been aired in the USA and in Asia.

Technology backers can be seen on our site.

Since 15th April 2005, Avcen has offered 20% of the Company in the form of 200 shares to help fund the proof-of-concept flight trials next year. Thus far, we have been inundated by investors looking to purchase individual shares. In the meantime we are encouraging one or two large-stake investors to come forward and take either 50, 100, or all 200 shares and benefit from this once-only opportunity.

Additional modifications and additions are as follows:

  • The aircraft will be fitted with self-sealing fuel tanks;
  • The primary flight instrument displays will be clustered into shaped housings to represent the different instrument groupings. Each cluster will be moveable and positionable by the single-seat pilot;
  • Blown-air windscreen and heated filament heating will be installed instead of whole-leaf screen heating
  • Foldaway ultralight seating will be design assisted in-house but produced separately by a supplier.

City University is continuing with a paid-up six months of research into additional and routine Computational Fluid Dynamics assessment of the Jetpod`s improved wing shape.

We are now getting ready to bring people, materials, systems and tooling together to create the first proof-of-concept Jetpod. The first flight is scheduled for next year.

The Jetpod will revolutionize the way we travel.

Mike Dacre MSc., Managing Director, Avcen Limited, London.

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Jetpod T100 Aircab exterior Jetpod T100 Aircab exterior

Take-off in only 125 metres (410 feet). Halves Jet Noise 300 kts (350 mph) cruise.

Jetpod T100 interior. Jetpod T100 interior.

The T-100 offers superb cabin space for seven fare-paying passengers.

Jetpod P-200 interior. Jetpod P-200 interior.

The Jetpod P-200 personal jet offers corporation staff rapid and direct transfer between company locations.

Jetpod M-300 Jetpod M-300

M-300s are fast, lowcost, battlefield commanders` taxis. They can operate from Aircraft Carriers without the need of catapult or arrester gear. They will make superb 350 mph air ambulances.