Do Life and Executive Coaches Really Need a Personal Brand? ThoughtOffice Corporation Says 'Yes', Putting ThoughtOffice Software to the Task

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With Thomas Leonard's vision of 10,000,000 Life and Executive Coaches coming closer to reality every year, establishing a brand in your market can be the difference between feast and famine. ThoughtOffice Corporation's ThoughtOffice software suite provides the solution through custom-branded Coaching Sessions that keep the Coach's name, image and logo always in front of the client.

The lowly waitress at Denny's wears a name tag, and the CEO of the corporation gets an engraved brass plaque on her door... but the Coach or Consultant who helps the former become the latter can often get lost in the shuffle. But ThoughtOffice's new Coaching and Consulting software ensures that the coaching ideas that help individuals perform to their best carry the fingerprint of the coach who provided them... helping to escalate their value and organically expanding their market and name.

"When we developed the Branding Wizard in our new ThoughtOffice program, we were coming from this one salient point: Every coach and consultant we know has given away more great ideas than they've ever 'sold' says Mark Effinger, CEO of, the makers of ThoughtOffice Creative Coaching Software. "As we've been in that very same spot many times over the last 16 years, we thought it might be valuable to fix that problem, and help the industry as a whole. If we've done it right, more coaches will get more business and get paid for more of the ideas they help stimulate in their clients. And that's a win for everyone involved".

ThoughtOffice Coaching and Consulting software is a creativity to productivity solution that takes proven PhD and MBA skills and provides them as thousands of topic-specific queries to help coaches master business and life issues, while at the same time, sharing that information with their clients in the form of Sessions: 30-120 minute processes that help clarify blind spots in strategies, unearth opportunities, and explore issues that might otherwise require a dozen specialists to tackle.

In addition, the ThoughtOffice program also contains a free-form Associative Thinking program called IdeaBrowser that taps 9,523,680 words and phrases, and unlimited images to help explore new lines of thinking, and truly remove the blinders around issues. The program can be easily be used by both the Coach and the Client during Sessions. The end result is a linear document, branded with the Coach or Consultant's information, including a copyright notice, so that remembering the origination of the solutions is always nearby.

Pete Nelson of The Valeo Group, an established Southern California sales, marketing and branding consultancy, believes branding is one of the top differentiators for coaches and consultants.

"Over the last three years we've been looking at this from the gamut of our client base: Life and Executive Coaches, Financial Service Professionals and Sales Executives. In the end, we've found that productization, or the process of keeping an individual's name on the tips of their client's and prospect's tongues by branding is one significant key to reducing prospecting efforts and increasing real, billable and profitable business. This branded productization effort helps professionals leverage their business expertise to generate significantly more revenue, allowing them to cherry pick who they teach, mentor, coach, empower. If you have a recognizable brand, you get to spend much more of your life doing the latter, and much less being submerged in the former".

The ThoughtOffice program accepts text and images to support the branding effort, and completely customizable name, logo, and copyright fields. It takes less than 20 second to brand Sessions, Slideshows, printed output and the free ThoughtOffice Viewer. And every time the client loads your project, your bright, shiny face and name come to the forefront of the program, iteratively reinforcing you, and your value to their operation.

ThoughtOffice software comes with an Expert Evaluation Module included. Consulting, Business Plan, Conflict Resolution, Creative Writing, and 12 more modules are currently available to expand the program. Priced from $97 to $499, ThoughtOffice is affordable and has an extremely quick ROI.

ThoughtOffice can be reached at, or at 360-450-6888. The email address is provided at right as well.

The new training site to accelerate the effective operation of your brand using PRWeb's Online Visibility Engine can be found at

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