Screenplay Shows Exit Strategy for US Military in Iraq

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Two years after President Bush announced "Mission Accomplished" and declared an end to "major combat operations" in Iraq, 130,000 US soldiers remain there with no hope of leaving any time soon., a screenplay about the war in Iraq, shows circumstances under which the war may be brought to an end and the troops brought back home. "Nine" has been recently updated and linked to documentary footage and independent reports about the Iraq war available on the Internet, and provides a clear and compelling exit strategy from the bloody conflict., a screenplay about the war in Iraq, is now updated to provide a comprehensive strategy for ending the bloody conflict and bringing the troops home.

The first step in this road map is to see the war for what it really is; therefore "Nine" is now linked to documentary video footage and independent reports available on the internet documenting US war crimes in Iraq, including the imprisonment of Iraqi children; the use of radioactive munitions, chemical weapons, cluster bombs and other banned ordnance; and the targeting of journalists, ambulances and other civilians. Nine is also linked to the relevant international laws banning such war crimes as well as other sites pertinent to the war in Iraq.

“Nine” provides a comprehensive plan for Americans wishing to end the conflict in Iraq: own up to our war crimes there; pay reparations to the victims of this illegal war; and leave.

First posted at in April 2004, "Nine" is the screenplay for a political drama that combines science fiction with documented facts about the war in Iraq. Thanks to the input of experts in the field, "Nine” has been recently improved from a screenwriting point of view; however, it's not a story the US mainstream media is likely to be interested in.

Synopsis: "Nine", a young girl with the ability to travel at will through space and time, takes over as commander-in-chief, promising to bring our troops home. To do so she must navigate her way through "Desert Bud", a videogame invented by our leader "Chester Churchill", which many believe is the reality of the war in Iraq. But Nine is not alone: she gets help from the spirit of WWII General Joseph W "Stilwell", a man who always tells it like it is. Fantasy and reality unite to show the painful truths of the US war on Iraq: the invasion was a breach of the UN Charter and US forces have committed numerous war crimes in Iraq since the start of the conflict, including the use of banned weapons, the targeting of civilians, and the imprisonment of at least 100 Iraqi children. With all the "bad karma" we've made there, can Nine get our soldiers out of the desert? She does that and more, healing their blindness and securing their safe passage back home.

"Nine" is linked to reports from honest providers of information about the war in Iraq such as Riverbend, Dahr Jamail, What Really Happened, Occupation Watch, Bring Them Home Now, Truthout, Democracy Now!, Information Clearing House, as well as international organizations such as the International Committee for the Red Cross, Amnesty International and Save the Children.

“Nine” is free to anyone who wishes to produce or reproduce the story; simply contact the author at The author’s other screenplay “Voice of the Golem”, about Enron and other recent US corporate scandals, is also available at


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