Alex Hunter Announces 11 Reading Traffic Tips that Help Predict the Future

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Alex Hunter, 'The Master Driver', 'Traffic Guru' and author of 'The Power of Driving; How To Prevent 41,000+ Americans From Dying Every Year!' reveals yet another Tip Sheet that saves time, money and gas all while eliminating stress, frustration, congestion, accidents and fatalities.

For nine years now, it's been Hunter's mission in life to eliminate mass traffic congestion, accidents and fatalities.

In his own words he declares that, "Virtually all rush hour traffic congestion is 100% unnecessary and there are steps that any driver can take to eliminate a large portion of the daily congestion that they experience."

Here is what Hunter has to say about driver awareness and his most recent free tip sheet titled 'Top 11 Reading Traffic Tips That Help Predict The Future!' (attached)

"Most drivers don't even try to read traffic... they simply react to the one or two vehicles ahead of them or worse yet, react to the vehicle next to them. And for a lot of the drivers that do look ahead, many misinterpret what they see. Misreading traffic can and does cause severe traffic congestion and accidents.

There's three skill sets to 'reading traffic'. The first is knowing different ways to see traffic farther ahead and utilizing them. The second is knowing what to look for. And the third is knowing what the information means and what can be done with it... There's more to reading traffic than just looking ahead. It's knowing how to decipher what people are doing to determine what others are going to do.

These '11 reading traffic tips' are focused on the first two skill sets (seeing ahead and knowing what to look for) to increasing overall awareness so drivers can make their daily commute smoother, less stressful and more exciting. When drivers utilize these tips, they'll also save gas, save time and save money all while preventing and eliminating rush hour traffic congestion. This is true not only for themselves but for the drivers around them.

When a driver intentionally prevents congestion for others, those other drivers will directly and indirectly prevent congestion for that one driver and for countless others, which means even more gas, time and money are saved... for everyone!"

These '11 Tips' as well as other Free Tips by Hunter can be obtained at

Drivers can obtain the third skill set and increase awareness even more with Hunter's supporting Special Report "Advanced Reading Traffic Skills; How to Tell The Confidence, Skill and Control of Any Driver Within Seconds!", e-book 'The Power of Driving; How To Prevent 41,000+ Americans From Dying Every Year!' and DVD series 'Successful Commuting'.

Hunter has also authored Special Reports and Tip Sheets on many other driving related topics such as, Cutting Commute Times, Road Rage, Snow Driving, Saving Gas, Time & Money, Cell Phones and Driving, Fear of Driving and Cruise Control to name a few.

Hunter is currently taking requests for 'Eliminate Your Fear of Driving In One Day, Guaranteed' and 'How To Increase Your Employees' Happiness, Creativity and Productivity for Life With Simple Techniques That Eliminate Stress and Save Gas, Time and Money!' Send inquires to

Visit for further information.

For 'Top 11 Reading Traffic Tips That Help Predict The Future!' see attachment.

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