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BookSurge proudly announces the publication of The Ungrammar Book by Fred Ash

BookSurge announces the release of The Ungrammar Book, by Fred Ash.

This highly accessible guide for grammar usage is a must-have for anyone who values clear, articulate oral and written communication. A refresher course for students and teachers alike, this benign little grammar guide both delights and instructs. Written by someone with an obvious love and respect for American English, The Ungrammar Book argues that improving one’s grammar skills doesn’t have to hurt. Each section of the book provides thorough, well-paced grammatical instruction in easily digestible bites. If you’ve ever been frustrated with all those grammar rules, this easy-to-read practical guide is for you.

Fred Ash asserts, “A unified system of grammar is what preserves a language; it is the reason we can still fairly easily read what was written in England and the United States as far back as the 1500's.” Yet, how well is modern technology (text messaging on cellular phones, fragments of speech used in electronic mailing, etc.) helping us improve our command of the language? Are we letting the integrity of our language slide? After many years of listening to people speak and reading what they write, Fred Ash recognized our society’s need for a pocket book on common grammar usage. Through numerous, relevant examples, Fred Ash presents ways in which to help people avoid common grammatical mistakes.

This thorough guidebook includes chapters on subject/verb agreement; pronoun usage and ways to avoid biased language; problem verbs (with a list of irregular verbs); problem adverbs and adjectives; general spelling rules, including how to make words plural and possessive (with a list of commonly misspelled words); punctuation; basic capitalization; identifying complete sentences; avoiding run-together sentences; and using smooth-running sentences. An oral practice culminates the first few chapters so that the readers can train the ear while training the mind. In addition, quizzes with answer keys at the end of the chapters on sentence construction can help readers test their understanding. Also, this book reminds us that proper usage and popular usage don’t always agree.

This practical self-help book, part instruction and part workbook, is highly accessible to even the most rusty grammarian. No one wants to look or sound uneducated. Now, thanks to Fred Ash’s clear and concise little grammar guide, no one has to.

About the Author

Fred Ash, raised by an English teacher and by a writer, holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Brigham Young University. A retired high school English teacher and public school administrator, Fred Ash says he was compelled to write this book because, “I love the English language, its beauty, its utility, its flexibility.”

For more information, please contact Fred Ash by phone at 801.571.1601 or by email at ashf@mstar2.net.

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