Genetics Still Remain Focus of Intense Study

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The release of Weapon X which use genetics and war as the back drop for the plot.

Scientists believe that the cures for many diseases of our time will be found in our genetics. There are researchers who put in exhaustingly long hours, working toward a breakthrough that will provide answers to many of the questions surrounding these diseases. Some discoveries have already been made regarding the connection between genetics and certain illnesses such as Alzheimer's or breast cancer. The problem, though, is what then to do with that information. Learning what gene causes what diseases does not necessarily provide scientists with a cure for that particular disease, but it does bring them one step closer to finding some answers. It is a fascinating area of study, involving some of the most brilliant minds on the planet, not to mention incredible financial backing. This climate of scientific advancement is the perfect backdrop for a new novel, titled Weapon X, written by author Ruben Sarmiento.

When the story begins, Miles Logan is a man who has it all – money, success, youth and good looks. Then one day, he discovers that he is not who he thinks he is. He is plagued by flashbacks that seem to belong to someone else. Eventually, the plot leads Miles on a road of discovery, one that is littered with mysterious strangers, murder, international espionage and even a bit of romance. This science fiction thriller takes you on an intriguing ride that includes the world of genetics and drug research. It will leave you wondering about these breakthroughs and how they might be used for either good or evil.

The race to discover the cure for diseases such as cancer or Alzheimer's is vitally important. Any breakthrough is positive and moves researchers forward. However, in other genetic research, issues such as cloning have been repeatedly questioned as to their ethical value. It's a fine line to walk, and one that creates fascinating questions and concerns. Ruben Sarmiento weaves these issues into the plot of his book, Weapon X, which is published by American Book Publishing and is available to order at stores near you. It is also available at a discount on the Publisher Direct Discount Bookstore’s website at or


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