Bloggator Makes Reading Blogs as Easy as 1..2..3

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Bloggator make reading blogs easy enough for anyone. Choose from hundreds of categories or create your own blogfeed.

Blogs are growing in popularity every day. But it's still difficult for non-technical people to join in on this latest Web craze. Now, a free service called Bloggator is trying make the blogosphere easier to use.

"Bloggator is an elegant and powerful new way to keep up with what's going on in the world, because we've done the work for you," says Jeffrey Smith, Bloggator's Founder. "Plus, our Blog Search creates personalized blogrolls based on your interests."

Bloggator offers free access to over 10,000 blogs and news sources, all organized into categories covering a broad range of interests. Clicking on the "Celebrities" category brings you latest celebrity news from hundreds of blogs, threaded from the newest to the oldest. Blogs are updated throughout the day, 365 days a year.

But the real power of Bloggator is its built-in Blog Search. Enter keywords based on your interests and Bloggator will offer you a custom blogfeed pulled from all of Bloggator's sources.

Smith says the idea for Bloggator came from his wife.

"She was hearing about blogs and wanted to start reading them, so she asked me how to get started," recalls Smith. "By the time I'd explained aggregators, newsreaders, blog directories, blogrolls, trackbacks and ways to find blogs, she threw up her hands and said, 'forget it.' At that moment, I realized that reading blogs needed to be much easier."

Smith also notes the importance Bloggator places on reviewing each blog it adds to its database.

"A lot of other services let anyone add any feed to its database. While that may let them say they have millions of blogs indexed, just try to find one worth reading. For every Powerline or Daily Kos, you'll have to sift through hundreds of blogs featuring a single entry from 2003, or porn sites masquerading as relevant blogs."

But Smith is quick to point out that Bloggator is not in the business of censoring feeds or neglecting smaller blogs.

"We offer our users access to blogs of every stripe and every size," he says. "We review sites for the simple reason that we feel it makes our service more focused to our users' interests. It makes Bloggator a more 'human' website."

And this review policy doesn't seem to slow the growth of Bloggator's database. It's adding hundreds of new blogs every day, mostly from user suggestions.

Additional features include a free blog for each user to record his thoughts, the ability to set your Bloggator front page, Quicklinks (an online bookmark service), and much more.

Smith sums his service up this way, "Bloggator is the easiest way available to join the blogosphere. And it's just a lot of fun."

Key Features:

  • Pre-built categories of blogfeeds
  • Blog Search box creates dynamically-updated custom blogfeeds
  • Blogs are updated throughout the day
  • A click to a headline takes the user to blog that published the story
  • Over 10,000 blogs indexed, and growing everyday
  • Quicklinks provide easy access to multiple blogfeeds
  • Personal blog for each user

Pricing: Free.

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