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Â?DonÂ?t Bet On ItÂ? is a technological thriller about politics, deception, lotteries, gambling, fear and food. A consultant from Buffalo who doesnÂ?t play the lotteries accidentally gets involved with the national LOTTO and before long his life is never the same.

Everybody buys lotto tickets after hearing the admonition, “Hey, you never know,” or “You can’t win if you don’t play.” People want to strike it rich, but overlook the odds against winning, which are astronomical. But suppose the mega-lotto game happens to be fixed. In this scenario, there’s no chance of winning. “Don’t Bet On It” is the novel of just that possibility, where the theme might well be, “You can’t lose if you don’t play.”

A suspicious murder in Baltimore damages Presidential candidate Jim Collins, who is suspected of the crime. His opponent, Tom Brown, who was down by ten percent in the race, is now being sworn in as President of the United States. Before long he proposes a national LOTTO and soon, people everywhere are playing and winning, maybe too many.

John Kuzinski, a computer consultant from Buffalo, suspected foul play in the election and now something about the national lottery bothers him. Something just isn't right. He doesn’t even play Bingo but somehow gets involved in the Lotto program. Soon, he discovers information about the lottery that is revealing and upsetting. People he knows are getting murdered and John wishes he'd never gotten involved.

“Don't Bet on It” is a novel of gambling, statistics, deception, computers, fear and food. It is an intriguing and revealing look into the national lottery program, the history, and how one man can manipulate the entire system. Should you buy a lotto ticket? By all means, you may want to read this book first.


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