QSI Corporation Releases New Version of Qlarity Foundry™ and Qlarity™ for Graphic Operator Interface Terminals

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QSI Corporation, manufacturer of rugged operator interface terminals, has released the latest version of Qlarity FoundryÂ? and QlarityÂ? Firmware for its family of award-winning human-machine interface (HMI) terminals Â? the QTERM-G70, QTERM-G75, QTERM-G55 and QTERM-Z60.

QSI Corporation, manufacturer of rugged operator interface terminals, has released the latest version of Qlarity Foundry™ and Qlarity™ Firmware for its family of award-winning graphic operator interface terminals — the QTERM-G70, QTERM-G75, QTERM-G55 and QTERM-Z60.

“The most significant enhancement in version 2.31 is the AutoHelp function,” said Jeremy Richards, Senior Software Engineer, “AutoHelp aids programmers by dynamically displaying textual help and making suggestions.”

Other significant new features include Object Inheritance, AutoDoc, Workspace Resizing, Multi-Object Edit, Error Stepping and Parenthesis Matching, Win32 Command Line Compiler, Workspace Locking, new APIs and new objects.

  • Object Inheritance – When creating new objects that are based on other objects, there is no need to copy and maintain two code bases. Simply add the unique code to the new object and all of the base code remains in the source object. Changes in the code of the source object are inherited by the other objects.
  • AutoHelp – Displays function parameters and their descriptions, suggests possible completions for object properties and methods and suggests valid values when entering function parameters on the right hand side of an assignment statement or comparison expression.
  • AutoDoc – A major overhaul of the AutoDoc system provides improved documentation, links to related items, tables describing parameters and enumerated items, improved formatting and sample code snippets. In addition, AutoDoc now supports keyword searching and displays Qlarity code samples and installed tutorials.
  • Workspace Resizing – Applications that were created for 320x240 screens can be resized for 640x480 screens, or vici versa. Some objects (e.g. bitmaps) cannot be automatically resized.
  • Mutli-Object Edit – When selecting multiple objects in your workspace, the properties window now shows the properties common among the selected objects. The values in these properties (e.g. background color) can be changed and all selected objects will inherit the change.
  • Error Stepping and Parenthesis Matching – Errors in your programming code can be sequentially stepped through by pressing a hot key rather than double-clicking each error. In code view, parentheses are now underlined to aid in matching.
  • Win32 Command Line Compiler – Compile BFF files without launching Qlarity Foundry and exporting the workspace.
  • Workspace Locking – Prohibits workspaces from being overwritten if the same workspace is open in multiple instances of Qlarity Foundry on the same machine.Objects for alphanumeric key entry, grouping related items and pop-up windows have also been added.
  • New APIs have been created to aid in finding object pixel regions, setting color palettes, searching for pattern matches and replacing a string after is has been found
  • Objects for alphanumeric key entry, grouping related items and pop-up screens have also been added.

Qlarity Foundry™ is free of charge. To download and try version 2.31 of Qlarity™ and learn more about QSI’s operator interface offerings, visit http://www.qlarity.com.

About Qlarity

With Qlarity™, designing a simple control panel interface or a complete stand-alone application has never been easier. The ability to use pre-defined objects, edit existing objects or author your own objects provides flexibility to the novice and expert alike. Qlarity Foundry™, a PC-based design tool provides a Windows® environment for screen creation, application simulation, debugging and downloading to a Qlarity-based operator interface terminal. Qlarity Foundry is free of charge. To try Qlarity today visit http://www.qlarity.com.

About QSI Corporation

Established in 1983, QSI Corporation is a manufacturer of rugged handheld, panel-mount and pedestal-mount terminals for industrial OEMs and commercial vehicle systems integrators. QSI’s human machine interface (HMI) and mobile data terminal (MDT) products include character and graphic terminals that are programmable, customizable, CE certified, and NEMA 4/12/13 rated. Numerous interfaces are available, including EIA-232, EIA-422, EIA-485, J1708, Ethernet and Power-over-Ethernet. Custom or semi-custom terminals withstand high levels of shock, vibration, humidity, and other environmental parameters. All QSI Corporation products are manufactured in the USA at the company's headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah.



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