New E-book: In Search of the World’s Best Water

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Naturally pure, mineral balanced drinking water is difficult to find

Over a typical lifetime, Americans will drink about 156,000 8-ounce glasses of water, yet most Americans know little about the relative safety and health promoting properties of drinking water. “The habitual consumption of any beverage may determine your risk of experiencing kidney stones, bladder cancer, heart-valve calcifications, osteoporosis, hypertension, iron overload and even sudden-death heart attack,” says health journalist Bill Sardi in his newly released online E-book: In Search Of The World’s Best Water (

Questions the book answers: Do Americans need to drink eight glasses of water a day? “Probably not,” says Sardi. Does chlorination of tap water pose long-term health risks? “Chlorination, implemented in the early 1900s, eradicated three water-borne disease, cholera, typhoid and dysentery, but life-long consumption of chlorinated tap water increases the risk of bladder and kidney cancer, which most Americans are unaware of,” says Sardi. What about water pH? Sardi says “tap water is softened (has a high pH) and is designed for washing machines and dishwashers, not for optimal human health.”

Another topic of grave concern is the provision of electrolytes (minerals required for proper heart muscle function) in drinking water. Many people falsely believe distilled water is the best for health. “While distilled water (water devoid of minerals and contaminants) is the purest, it may not be the healthiest,” says Sardi. “In particular, athletes (especially long-distance runners), physical laborers and adults on diuretics, may experience depletion of minerals in sweat or urine that are not adequately replaced by distilled, tap or bottled water, and which may increase the risk for sudden heart-muscle spasm,” says Sardi. What about oxygenated or molecularly-modified bottled water often promoted in health food stores? “These brands of bottled water are a distraction from finding the world’s best bottled water, which would be rich in magnesium and low in sodium and other minerals” says Sardi.

The E-book also covers topics such as home water filtration, acid-alkaline balance, fluoridation, taste, comparisons of various beverages, the hidden dangers of tap water, and includes ratings of the top brands of bottled waters sold in the U.S. Sardi says, “It is odd that we focus public attention on habitual tobacco smoking which causes 50,000 premature deaths annually, when by comparison, consumption of impure, chlorinated, or mineral imbalanced water results in hundreds of thousands of needless deaths in the U.S. on an annual basis and gets little public attention.”

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