Good News About Your Online Business by Sheryl Strasser

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If you have ever wondered if an online business is right for you, or you've tried a "program" and been disappointed with the results, I have VERY good news for you today.

Despite all the confusing jargon you read, and despite all the inflated claims that websites make, the truth is that you really only need four things to succeed online.

Only four things stand between you and the online business success that you want and deserve.

And I'm going to share those four things with you right now.

A Product in High Demand

To succeed online you must offer products or services that appeal to a broad audience.

By far the most sell-able product online today is information. We all pay for specialized information everyday. We read magazines with stories that appeal to us. We buy maps that show us where to go.

Other products that sell well are health related products, advertising, consulting services, and books.

No matter what product you choose to promote, be sure that your audience is large enough to help you succeed.

The Right Tools For The Job

The GREAT thing about the Internet is that there are tools to help you succeed.

The key to succeeding online is taking advantage of AUTOMATION. What I mean by that is that you must use tools that help you sell 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Tools like autoresponders, personal voice mail, conference call lines, and more can help you make sales whether you are online or not.

THIS is the power of the Internet! Using the right tools, your site can be a 24 hour a day cash generating machine, even if you are getting your nails done or playing a round of golf!

Specific Knowledge

The BEST advice I can give you about succeeding online is this. Do NOT reinvent the wheel! There is simply no reason for you to have to learn everything you will need to know the hard way. Because of the "always on" nature of the Internet, you can attend seminars, read commonly asked questions, and get real training any time you want.

Add to this the ability to attend live workshops without leaving your home, and you've got a win-win situation!

To succeed online you will need to know how to get visitors to your site, get them to sign up for your offer, over come their objections and more.

In the old days it would have taken months to learn these skills. Thanks to the power of technology, you can learn them beginning today!

A Mentor To Guide You

You need a mentor. Did you know that Tiger Woods, the most successful golfer in the history of the game, has FIVE coaches! Top performers in music, film, business all use coaches, or as we call them today, "mentors".

Now YOU can have a mentor too.

The ** great ** news here is that the Internet makes it oh so easy to find and work with a mentor. The key here is to find someone who is succeeding online now, and learn how they do what they do. You'll want to be able to ask specific questions, have access to their store of knowledge, and have continuing access so that you can grow.

There you have it ... four simple steps to succeed online no matter what product, service, or opportunity you want to promote.

Let me leave you with two words of wisdom. First, keep your business simple and let time become your friend. When you concentrate on the basics, you just can't help but succeed with time. Second, take action toward your dreams today. The power of consistent effort is amazing. But starting can be the hard part, and only you can choose to start.

Make a choice to start on your path to success today. I can promise that you will be glad you did!


Sheryl Strasser knows from experience that focusing on the basics and making a consistent effort are the keys to success. Find ALL the tools and resources you need to succeed at Sheryl's incredible website. Once there, you can contact Sheryl so that she can guide you toward the success you deserve.


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