Modular Soap Dispensing System Changes the Way People Clean Their Hands in North America

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Protonics Chemical Corp. introduces the Modular Soap Dispensing (MSD) system, the first of it’s kind in North America that uses a simple snap-in modular technology. This gives people total control over the design and the functionality of their hand soap dispensing system. Gordon Moman of Protonics Chemical Corp. says, "the MSD system is the only hand soap dispenser on the market that gives the customer the choice to offer hand sanitizer, antibacterial hand soap, foaming hand soap and spray soap; by simply snapping in the desired MSD modules.

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Today, the latest trend in North America is to use foam hand soap to wash your hands. If a person wanted to upgrade their older style soap dispensers to the newer style foam generating systems, the old dispensers would have to be removed and new ones installed in their place. When they are using a MSD system there is no need to change dispensers to upgrade from liquid hand soap to foam hand soap, or to spray mist hand soap, or to a no touch system. This is done in seconds by simply snapping out one module and snapping in the desired replacement module in its place. A person will never have to change their hand soap dispensers again to keep up with the latest trends. To see some of the benefits of the new MSD system, a detailed on screen movie presentation can be viewed at

There are problems that arise when a person decides to change their hand soap dispensing systems. Hand soap dispensers are firmly mounted to walls and mirrors with any one, or a combination of, permanent adhesive tape, screws and assorted wall mounting hardware. Removal of the old dispensing system often leaves parts of the wall torn out when the permanent adhesive tape is removed. The screws and other fastening systems leave holes in the wall when the old dispensers are removed. This may have to be repaired before new dispensers can be installed. All dispensers are not the same size and walls may even need touch up repainting to cover up the areas that were hidden behind the old dispensers.

With the Protonics Chemical Corp. MSD system you never have to go through this scenario again. The MSD system is “Modular”, which means that in only a few seconds’ new modules can be snapped into place. You can use the MSD system and replacement modules to dispense liquid, foam, and spray mist hand soaps and sanitizers and not have to change your existing dispensers to accomplish this. The exterior of the dispenser is also a modular design and offers various snap-in design-coloring combinations that accent the most discerning hand washing areas. Even when you redecorate, the MSD system can be easily converted to a new design combination that suits your coloring scheme.

Best of all, the MSD system saves people money on their hand soap costs. In tests performed by Protonics Chemical Corp. it was revealed that other hand soap systems dispensed up to 3.5 mls of detergent with every dose. This is significant when you realize that the average person uses 2 to 3 doses of hand soap, from a dispenser, each time they wash their hands. Compare this to the MSD system, which boasts of a stingy .5ml dose of hand detergent or sanitizer. Test data collected in the Vancouver, B.C. market during the first four months of 2005 shows that people experienced an average cost reduction of 16.0% with the MSD system.

Protonics Chemical Corp. manufactures a full line of hand soap and hand sanitizers exclusively for use in the MSD system. With their manufacturing plant conveniently located in Vancouver, BC, they are very well positioned to be strong competitors in oversea, Western and Central USA, and the Canadian hand cleaning market. The MSD system will be officially launched in May of 2005 and will be distributed from a network of exclusive distributors throughout North America. To meet with the anticipated product demand, there is an immediate need for distributors in many cities. To open the MSD system launch with a bang, Protonics Chemical Corp. is offering their exclusive distributors a unique dispenser rebate program, which will provide the MSD dispensers at no cost. More information about the MSD system and the exclusive distributor opportunity is available at the Protonics Chemical Corp. web site at

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