Discover a Revolutionary Strategy That Can Turn an MLM Business into a Sizzling Hot Cash Cow

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MLM is an industry of marketing and promotion pursued by many people who have no idea how to market or promote. Ironic isn't it? A strategy that creates exponential growth in a network marketing business is aligning and working with other "qualified" networkers.

I would like to earn extra money.

Many network marketing leaders teach the "shot gun" approach of making a 100 list, getting information out, and seeing who performs. It's a good place to start, but that’s all it should be, a start. There are smarter, faster ways to continue building a MLM business. has been creating one of the fastest growing teams of network marketers by sponsoring other successful marketers as opposed to sponsoring opportunity seekers. An opportunity seeker is nothing more than someone who filled out a survey that said, "I would like to earn extra money." That's like saying, "I would like to play professional baseball."

Most people are not willing to do what it actually takes to succeed. They want better, faster, and cheaper. They purchase the hope of a result, instead of actually working for it. is aligning with other networkers who are already playing the MLM game, believe in it, and who get out there and practice. Think about it .... Where do professional sports teams go to recruit their players? Do they go to the local gym? Do they go to people who fill out forms on the internet stating they have an interest in playing professional sports? No. They recruit other players who already play the game! They already know how to play, they want to play, they understand the rules, they already have the necessary skills, and they are coach-able. The same should apply to a network marketing business.

The strategy of aligning with other networkers will not work for everyone because it will not work for every MLM company. For the alignment strategy to work successfully, scrutinize each MLM company.

Other successful networkers will only join an MLM company if the company is solid enough to reach a billion dollars in revenue and if the company is positioned for massive growth. Just because every network marketing company makes big growth claims in their opportunity presentations, does not mean they are “actually” experiencing the necessary growth to attract successful networkers.

No MLM company in the history of MLM has every gone through more than one critical mass cycle. It’s a fact that 90% of the wealthiest network marketers joined a company before or during critical mass. It is unlikely that the alignment strategy will be effective for a company that is not going through critical mass. Experienced networkers will not join a company without massive growth potential.

Remember for exponential growth to occur your target market must consist of people who have been in networking before, or people who are in it today and are willing to go to work.

Successful networkers from around the world are visiting to align themselves with other serious networkers and build with a company that is positioned for dynamic growth. These experienced networkers are actively sponsoring people into two major power legs that are growing at an exponential rate.

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