Green Tea Promotes Healthy Blood Sugar and Decreases "The Fat Storage Hormone" Insulin

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WARP 9 Weight Loss Products Enhance Insulin Activity

Green Tea is becoming ever more popular in weight loss products. Besides boosting metabolism, and reducing appetite, green tea has been found to support healthy blood sugar levels. This benefit of green tea decreases the excessive output of the blood sugar regulating hormone insulin, which minimizes fat storage and increases weight loss.

Green Tea is now being utilized in one of the hottest dietary supplements on the market called WARP 9 by DynaPure Nutrition ( WARP 9 weight loss products contain standardized potencies of Green Tea polyphenols that support healthy blood sugar along with the minerals, chromium, zinc, and copper. The most favorable benefit of green tea diet polyphenols (EGCG) is that along with many anti fat nutrients in WARP 9, they support healthy blood sugar and reduce fat storage even greater.

Formulator Pete Maletto from DynaPure Nutrition explained that "If you prevent insulin-glycogen "spill over", you decrease your chances of gaining weight. This makes the presence of the many nutrients in WARP 9 even more important to anyone trying to lose weight, because part of a successful weight loss plan is to prevent over stimulation of insulin production."

In fact, the authors of a 2002 green tea study researched the antidiabetic effects of green tea on human beings. When humans in clinical trials ingested green tea polyphenols before ingesting 50g of starch, glucose production was suppressed, apparently because the polyphenols inhibited the enzyme action of digestive enzyme alpha amylase.

It has also been found that the uptake of glucose by the intestine for transfer to the bloodstream is markedly suppressed by green tea diet polyphenols (which may help to explain green tea’s weight loss effect). This suppression of glucose is strongest utilizing EGCG compounds found in green tea that are the active in enhancing insulin activity.

Antony Raymond, a professional actor using WARP 9 says that he lost 13 pounds in just two weeks since taking the product and his energy and blood sugar levels have completely changed for the better, which could help his career. "My blood sugar fluctuated constantly with noticeable lows that affected my cognition, but I started taking WARP 9 and it has changed my life with all the energy, reduced appetite and weight loss I could ever need. The mental energy was really key with the long hours I work and even more so when I'm trying to memorize my lines."

Some physicians recommend four to six cups a day; others recommend eight to ten cups (the average in Far Eastern societies where green tea is a staple is about five to ten cups a day). That’s a challenging amount for even green tea lovers to drink on a daily basis. Fortunately, if you are looking for healthy blood sugar and increased weight loss, then WARP 9 would seem to have all the bases covered by minimizing excessive output of insulin, which decreases fat storage and increases your chances of losing weight.

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