New Web Site Shows How Gastric Bypass Pill Can Change Your Life Around

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A gastric bypass pill can change your life and help you gain a slim appearance the healthy way

The Gastric Bypass Pill has been on the market five years, but it is not well known as an alternative to gastric bypass surgery.

To make this alternative more widely available to those seeking a healthier way to take control of their weight, a new site is available,

The site explains three reasons why it is better than anything on the market:

1. The gastric bypass pill is more cost effective than gastic bypass surgery. A person can lose tremendous amounts of weight, typically up to 100 lbs or more. What most people do not know is that gastric bypass surgery or stomach stapling, is potentially dangerous and can cost between $25,000 to $40,000 or more in out-of-pocket expenses because many health insurance companies won't pay for the surgery. Even if they do, co-payments and other costs can add up quickly.

2. The gastric bypass pill is healthy, and what is known about gastric bypass surgery according to the International Bariatric Surgery Registry estimates 1 in 1,000 patients will die within four weeks of the surgery and 3 in 1,000 will die within three months. Some surgeons in the field put the fatality rate as high as 1 in 100 who have the surgery. The kidneys and other organs suffer more damage than previously believed and other risks include wound infections, stomach leaks and occasionally life-threatening blood clots. But now you can finally have the body that you have always dreamed of without risky surgery, injections or drugs.

3. Scientists have proven that filling the stomach with an easily-digestible herbal blend, like those found in the gastric bypass pill, can reduce food intake by as much as 70%, with ease. These are facts of science. The gastric bypass pill has used this scientific data to formulate this wonderful product that not only works like it says it does, but has changed the lives of over 200,000 people worldwide who have tried and used it successfully.

People having thoughts about a stomach gastric bypass need information to make an informative decision. Most people do not look at all the information and the whole picture, before jumping into the fire, so to speak.

The gastric bypass pill blocks the stomach with a balloon that makes it virtually impossible to eat! After a few hours you digest it just like food.

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