Hangouts® Adds New Backpacker Hammock

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Hangouts®, the company which has been supplying hammocks and hanging chairs to the U.S., Canadian, and overseas markets since the mid '80s, has introduced a new double sized Backpacker's Dream model weighing less than a pound.

Hangouts®, the company which has been supplying hammocks and hanging chairs to the U.S., Canadian, and overseas markets since the mid '80s, has introduced a new double sized Backpacker's Dream model weighing less than a pound. This model expands the line of backpacker models which include the single Backpacker's Dream hammock, weighing 12 ounces and the Backpacker Hanging Chair which also weighs 12 ounces without the spreader bar. The Dream double is nearly twice the width of the single.

The main lines of hammocks and hanging chairs sold by Hangouts® are the Mayan and Brazilian Hammock Designs which offer the ultimate in comfort. The new backpacker model is produced for Hangouts® in Brazil by skilled craftsman who have been making hammocks by hand most of their lives. Actually, hammocks are beds used in third world countries, and approximately 100 million people from third world countries sleep in hammocks. The world's best hammocks sold by Hangouts® are made in Central and South America.

There are many benefits that the best hammocks, Mayan and Brazilian designs, provide. A good hammock is a therapeutic device, but yet a fun piece of furniture. It provides the user a fun way of relaxing. It's a simple way of treating a person's body well, releasing muscle tension and relaxing the mind. People with back, neck, hip or shoulder problems experience quick relief and they can benefit from repeated use, since there are no pressure points and muscles can relax and blood flow is unimpeded to all areas of the body. The stimulating swinging motion is what babies and adults love, and the hammocks (swinging) and hanging chairs (swinging & spinning motion) can be used to treat Autistic children.

A hammock can be used inside a home or outside in a yard or while camping or traveling. A hammock is a piece of furniture. In fact, there are approximately 100 million people, most living in third world countries, who use hammocks as beds and furniture inside their homes. A hammock is a space saving piece of furniture which can be taken down during the day and hung up at night for sleeping. Many third world families are large and live in small living spaces. So the hammocks allow a sizable family to sleep in one room. The space saving attribute also applies to homes of peoples who live in North America and Europe and can enhance a bedroom, living room, or family room. Although hammocks are beds they also can make great substitutes or complements for a sofa. A hammock chair (hanging chair) can be used as desk chair or computer chair, to break the monotony of sitting for long periods. The chairs and hammocks also make great porch swings.

Now it is springtime and springtime is hammock time. People think of hammocks and relaxing in the fresh outdoor air. A hammock is a great place to view a garden or enjoy a view from a deck, relax in the woods, or hangout on a beach and catch some rays. Hammock time is camping time … it is picnicking time … it is happy time … it is take a break from the world time.

Mayan and Brazilian hammocks are compact when folded and can be stored easily in a closet and will take up very little space in a car trunk when traveling or camping. They keep a person off the ground and will elevate the enjoyment of the outdoor environment.

Hangouts® Mayan and Brazilian hammocks and hanging chairs are made by hand on looms, without the use of electricity. Thus their production does not burden the world with higher energy consumption. Although this macro benefit may not make a huge contribution to reducing energy consumption it is a step in the right direction. Another aspect to reducing the world's depletion of resources of wood is that the amount of materials used to make a hammock which can be used as a bed is a fraction of the materials used in a bed. For example, a good comfortable sleeping hammock can weigh 3 to 5 pounds. A bed can weigh 100 or 200 pounds, including the frame, mattress and springs. Just assume the wood weighs 100 pounds, the steel used weighs 50 pounds and the cotton and other materials 20 to 50 pounds. If many more people used hammocks as a bed then thousands of trees would be saved. The demand of steel would be reduced by thousands of tons. The trees and iron in the ground are scarce commodities and are being depleted and this would benefit the conservation of these commodities.

Every individual who uses Hangouts® Hammocks and Hanging Chairs is step closer to a peaceful state of mind and this is a benefit to the world. Just think if everyone used a Mayan or Brazilian hammock the world would be a more peaceful place.

Hangouts® and its founders have been working with hammocks for 25 years. They distribute their hammocks through mail order, web site, retail, and wholesale. Their web-site is Their phone is 1-800-HANGOUT or 303-442-2533 and they have a retail shop at 1328 Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado. It is a special treat to visit the Hangouts® Shop and experience the many wonderful hammocks and hanging chairs which are hung for customers to try.

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