Resources For Living®, Hummingbird Coaching, and ConvergenceHealth to Deliver Comprehensive, Outcomes-Based Wellness Programs

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Resources For Living® (RFL), Hummingbird Coaching Services, and ConvergenceHealth today announce a strategic alliance that provides a seamless, integrated, and flexible solution that allows organizations to tailor health and wellness programs that emphasize the emotional aspects of achieving lifelong health�and the manner in which the programs are accessed�to best suit their specific needs.

Resources For Living® (RFL), Hummingbird Coaching Services, and ConvergenceHealth today announce a strategic alliance that provides a seamless, integrated, and flexible solution that allows organizations to tailor health and wellness programs that emphasize the emotional aspects of achieving lifelong health—and the manner in which the programs are accessed—to best suit their specific needs.

The partnership combines access to RFL’s telephonic counseling and coaching services, Hummingbird’s online coaching, and ConvergenceHealth’s comprehensive Web-based content, interactive programs, and assessment tools. In addition to lowering utilization barriers by offering easy accessibility to services, all program components are offered within an outcomes-based framework that enables organizations and participants to monitor progress, track success, and ultimately determine return on investment.

“The partnership brings together three ‘best of breed’ providers and addresses shortcomings of corporate wellness and disease management programs: the ability to emphasize the psycho/social (emotional and behavioral) impact on a person’s health, the ability to access fully integrated content and resources across a continuum of interventions (including Web, online coaching, and telephonic counseling), and—perhaps, most pointedly—a framework to determine outcomes,” says Mary Beth Chalk, Chief Operating Officer of RFL. “We are excited to be one of the cornerstones of this first-of-a-kind solution set, combining a continuum of premier psycho/social-based health and wellness programs and advanced technology systems for efficient service delivery and outcomes reporting.”

The programs are grounded in a multi-faceted approach that addresses the social, emotional and physical factors that impact an individual’s ability to identify and modify existing behaviors while ensuring sustainable change. Clients can select from among a menu of topical areas, including:

• Weight Management (including Obesity)

• Depression

• Tobacco Cessation

• Substance Abuse Cessation

• Anger Management

• Stress and Anxiety

• Chronic Pain Management

Clients can then customize the support provided for each topical area by selecting corresponding levels of service, which can include combinations of self-directed education only (Web resources), a self-directed interactive program (online coaching software), an 8–12 week coached program (telephonic and online counseling), and/or a 12-month comprehensive disease/complex case management program (telephonic and online). The integration of the topical programs across delivery channels and the supporting information and tools makes it seamless and transparent for participants.

“Today's announcement addresses an unmet need among corporate clients: single source delivery for lifestyle modification services,” says Sean Slovenski, president and CEO of Hummingbird Coaching Services. “Our alliance brings prevention and wellness to an entirely new level, simplifying implementation and administration, improving accessibility, and increasing affordability."

“The alliance delivers value that far exceeds the sum of its parts. We can now provide a continuum of care beyond just health and wellness content—such as interactive personalization tools, powerful online intervention programs that assist in disease management, and self-directed online programs as well as online coaching,” says Jay Handline, Chief Marketing Officer of ConvergenceHealth. “Consumers who once felt they had little control over the decisions that impact their health and wellness now have a comprehensive, consumer-driven solution that affords them the choice and convenience they want and need.”

Delivery Channels

ConvergenceHealth provides a full range of topical Web resources that are individualized by the participant to address a specific area, such as obesity and weight management. The Web component also integrates a variety of interactive health assessments that direct the participant to individualized online resources. In addition, participants may link directly from the Web to their online coach. Interactive, self-directed topical programs also support modifying unhealthy behaviors.

Hummingbird Coaching Services provides a interactive online coaching software that supports the RFL coaches in assisting a participant in achieving a healthier lifestyle. Participants are given a secured, personalized Web page from which they can access a Chat Center, which serves as a gateway to communicate with their personal coach or interact with other members who share similar issues and challenges. The journaling function facilitates the recording of thoughts, feelings, and ideas of the program participant. The goal tracker functionality allows program participants to set and track the accomplishment of goals. Materials sent to participants by their coach are saved into a personalized library while completed assessments are saved into a personal folder for ongoing reference.

Telephonic coaching and counseling services are provided by Resources For Living’s Master’s-level professionals. Available on a 24/7 basis, the wellness coaches enter client self-reported scores into a multi-dimensional assessment (bio/psycho/social) and levels of distress are self-reported into the SIGNAL System; the resulting impact on productivity is measured on an ongoing basis. The measurement scorecard tracks progress, assists in treatment modification, and generates reports on outcomes. RFL coaches also direct participants to employer-sponsored programs and benefits for referral.

Documenting Outcomes

To ensure overall program effectiveness, client companies receive detailed analysis based on the spectrum of services being provided. Utilization data is provided for participants who access Web resources. Outcomes-based results are provided by RFL’s proprietary SIGNAL System®, an online “treatment relationship management“ system that facilitates ongoing assessments of the appropriateness and effectiveness of the coaching services delivered, for participants who use telephonic or online coaching services. A balanced scorecard, which includes financial and functional outcomes improvement, is available for client companies participating in the disease management/complex case management programs.

About Resources For Living®

Resources For Living® is a behavioral wellness organization dedicated to helping individuals measurably transform their lives and, as a result, transform the environments in which they work and live. This occurs through innovative live telephonic and online coaching and interactive Web- based content solutions. Programs include tobacco, weight, stress, and substance abuse behavior modification; depression and obesity disease management; and integrated EAP and work/life. For further information, contact Mary Beth Chalk, Chief Operating Officer at or visit

About Hummingbird Coaching Services

Hummingbird Coaching Services is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. Hummingbird has been providing personal distance coaching since 1997. Hummingbird also provides a proprietary software technology and coaching methodology that allows corporations and service providers to extend their in-person and telephone-based coaching, training, education, and counseling services online in a highly time and cost effective manner. For more information, visit

About ConvergenceHealth

ConvergenceHealth (CH) offers employers, health plans, and universities an exciting "new health and wellness benefit" option through their extensive online health and wellness resources and interactive healthy lifestyle assessment tools. With the recent addition of extensive behavioral health content, the CH product provides the most comprehensive multi-disciplinary health and wellness information available on the Internet. ConvergenceHealth serves employee benefit provider networks, healthcare organizations, medical professionals, consumers, and universities as a leading provider of visually engaging health and wellness information products. For more information, visit

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