Earth Day Pact for Environment Conservation and Education

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Globie's Crusaders Forge Alliance with Earth Organization to teach children about environmental issues

Globie’s Crusaders - Captain Globie, Keeper of the Earth, and his planetary pals Susie Sun and Marty Mars are action heroes on a mission to protect and save the earth. On Earth Day 2005 the Crusaders forged an alliance with The Earth Organization to educate children environment conservation

“Why have Earth Day for just one day?” asked Jay Ottis, creator of the Crusaders. Ottis created his Earth-conscious characters to entertain and educate children about the dangers facing the planet and environment conservation ideas. When he discovered The Earth Organization and its innovative work that implements real-life solutions to real-life environment crises, he was quick to form a planetary pact for survival.

The purpose of the pace is to bring alarming facts about the threat we face from environmental crises to the public’s attention – facts such as these published on the website of The Earth Organization

· 50,000 species are becoming extinct each year

· The fish supply in our oceans is being critically depleted by widespread uncaring practices. Many of the large fish species (marlin, cod, tuna) are depleted by as much as 80 percent.

· Toxic waste, routinely dumped at sites in the ocean, is creating “dead zones,” where no life exists in the water from top to bottom for hundreds of miles.

· The remaining rain forest along the Amazon is being cut down at the rate of 1500 sq. kilometers a year. It’s importance in oxygen production, atmospheric cooling, and species habitat must be acknowledged and acted upon before it is gone.

Ottis is a father and a grand father. He was raised in a string of foster homes after the tragic death of his parents and has a strong personal interest in providing children with a better future. The fact that we face a neglected and abused planet makes him mighty mad. “We are heading for a cement wall in the reversibility of the damage done to the environment,” he says, “That’s why I am teaming up with The Earth Organization – actions, not talk, must happen now.”

The Earth Organization is the result of an equally creative mind - Lawrence Anthony. Anthony, a renowned conservationist, environmentalist and humanitarian, has been internationally acknowledged for his rescue of the animals in the Baghdad Zoo, which was decimated by war and looting. In his native South Africa, he is legendary for his ability to tame savage rogue African elephants, a never-before accomplished feat.

The solutions-oriented mindset of The Earth Organization, which takes its cue from the administrative concepts of L. Ron Hubbard to implement immediate, effective activities on a global scale, is the perfect counterpart for Captain Globie and his galaxy of pals and super heroes.

“If your children came home and told you that they found out today that the air we breathe is replenished by trees and they wanted to plant one right now – would you wait?” asks Ottis.

Barbara Wiseman, International President of The Earth Organization and Jay Ottis, on behalf of Globie and his Crusaders, officially confirmed the alliance for environment conservation and education on Earth Day in Los Angeles, California.        

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