American Entertainment Content to Launch on Chinese Cell Phones

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World's largest market to receive massive influx of popular entertainment content.

In a historic contractual agreement, International Television for Asia (ITA) has signed an agreement with Beijing China Cartoon Media Group Co. LTD (BCCM) to deliver games, screensavers, cartoons, interactive play, music and film promotions, fan clubs, music videos, and other content under the banner of "color messaging" to China Mobile, the largest cell phone company in the world.

Chinese cell phone users sent just under 200 billion instant text SMS & MMS messages in 2004 are projected to exceed well over 250 billion messages in 2005.

"As 3G phones become more the standard in China the possibilities are endless", said Sander Johnson, president of ITA, "but with the advanced cell phone technology currently popular in the China, multimedia messages can be viewed on a majority of cell phones today."

"The industry is driven by the teen and young adult population," he added. "With the sophistication of the Chinese cell phone market, games and animated messaging will generate excitement and substantial buying interest. There is a huge audience for this type of instant multi-media products and we see games, videos, shorts, cartoons, and celebrity screen savers as the next great wave of entertainment driven demand in China".

As an American entertainment company, ITA is specializing as an aggregator and publisher of content both available now and co-produced and co-developed, all for the China market space. When asked if ITA will publish and market products outside of that space, CEO and Chief International Counsel Michael R. Polin said, "We might, but why spend resources and management to establish markets for these great products when we have such strong partners in the world's largest market. The demand in China already surpasses that of any other country and we have the strategic alliances to be a main player".

With its Chinese partners, ITA localizes licensed foreign content and delivers it to the China marketplace through multi-media channels including, television, cell phones, internet, and publishing. However, this BCCM contract is aimed directly at the booming Chinese cell phone market.

Together, ITA and BCCM are introducing a world of Western imagery, gaming innovation, and pop culture to the young and tech-savvy Chinese cell phone market, making the world a smaller place, and available in the palm of their hands.

"We are right now signing agreements with American and European content companies to immediately begin providing already formatted cell phone content to our China partners," said Polin, "but the Chinese have a great interest in localizing and formatting foreign cartoons, film and video shorts, music videos and games not currently cell phone ready, which creates an entire development aspect to our business model. Thus, ITA is rapidly expanding our catalogue of China appropriate content that can be formatted and localized in China for cell phone display".

"We have already secured award winning animation and popular cell phone games from companies in the U.S and will continue to acquire such products for the China markets. The agreements are revenue sharing with total transparency for all parties and designed to be fair and profitable for all involved." Polin said.

Johnson added, "Unlike the film and music industries before it, the new cell phone content industry in China is being established with multiple safeguards and complex tracking to insure royalty payments and accountability, which should provide content developers with great confidence".

Beijing China Cartoon Media Co., LTD (BCCM)

Beijing China Cartoon Media Co., LTD (BCCM) is engaged in the development of the Chinese cartoon culture industry. The company has strong government resources, a clear business model, a team with

strong professional experience and the support of industrial capital. With the cartoon industry as its basis of business operation, it aims to build a new type of cultural enterprise that integrates film and television, entertainment, cell phones, internet, media, education, publishing and commercial promotion.

For many years, the company has worked to promote the development of the cartoon and the digital entertainment industries, undertaken three award giving events for short animation films commissioned by China Television Association, successfully conducted three sessions of China Cartoon Industry Forum with far-reaching influence at home and abroad.

The company has cooperative relations and business transactions with the organizing committees of the five large international animation festivals and the animation market. Together with the Chinese Copyright Association and the Chinese Copyright Protection Center, the company has established the Chinese Animation Property Right Protection Alliance. Beijing China Cartoon Media Co., LTD is the long-term strategic partner and the commercial platform of the Cartoon Commission of China Television Artists Association.

International Television for Asia (ITA)

ITA is an American Entertainment Company with a distinct focus on entertainment, education, and animation for the children and teen/young adult markets of China though multi-media channels including, television, cell phones, internet, and publishing.

ITA is an aggregator of content and acting as publisher for the content being sent to and developed in China

The ITA corporate and international strategy is fourfold: one, to import the best of foreign media into China; two, co-produce with its Chinese partners, indigenous animation for the Chinese television, cell phone and internet markets as well as deliver these programs directly into the Childrenfs school system, retail markets of China, and to the international markets; three, to co-produce additional episodes of existing first class family entertainment animation from North America and Europe for the Chinese and international markets; four, to export to the international markets the best of the 21st century Chinese animation and pursue distribution and co-production for these shows outside of China (ITA recently sponsored the Chinese entry in the 2005 Red Stick International Animation Festival that won the top prize for professional 3D animation).

ITA business models include sales and marketing of cell phone content, streaming Internet, Television Programming, Publishing, Merchandising, CD-ROMs, and DVD Home Video packages.


International Television for Asia (ITA)

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Sander K. Johnson


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