Consumers Get a Guaranteed Return on Investment When They Focus on Debt

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Gene Jolley has a message for would be investors: quit throwing your money away. But the founder of Kingdom Financial Principles ( doesnÂ?t mean we should all pull our money out of the stock market and hide it under the mattress

“Investors are faced with uncertain financial times right now for obvious reasons,” Jolley explained. “On one hand they’re investing money each month in stocks, 401(k)s and other vehicles that depend at least to some degree on what the markets are doing, which many portfolios have not recovered from the last market dip. But on the other hand, they’re shelling out hefty minimum monthly payments to credit card companies, which barely cover the 10, 15 or 25% interest they’re being charged.”

Jolley’s solution? Take a break from investing and focus on eliminating debt. He reasons that although investors can buy more shares at today’s lower prices, they’re still turning around and handing over any future profit to their creditors just to keep up with the interest on their credit cards. Jolley points out that by paying off debt, investors are effectively earning a return on that “investment” of 10% or more. Once their credit cards are paid off, Jolley advises investors to put their increased purchasing power back into their monthly investments.

Though debt consolidation may seem like a good way to pay off bills, Jolley warns debt-saddled investors not to go that route. “Debt consolidation services essentially make their money by brokering transactions between consumers and creditors,” he says. “For that reason, it is in their best interest to keep their clients paying low payments for as long as possible. Often they’ll charge stiff penalties for early payoffs.”

Those unsure of how to quickly eliminate their debt without consolidating can turn to Jolley’s Web site, Along with numerous articles explaining debt elimination principles, the site features Jolley’s Rapid Debt Reduction software, which helps users eliminate all debt – including their mortgages – in as little as five years and includes a comprehensive budgeting program. Based on the principle of debt stacking, the software also shows users how much they will make once they eliminate their debt and begin investing.

For more in-depth help, Kingdom Financial Principles also offers books, audio tapes, courses, and seminars that show clients how to get out of debt as quickly as is mathematically possible.

“Kingdom Financial Principles offers a very real and practical way of eliminating debt,” Jolley says. “We show people how to take the money they were paying in monthly payments and save for their future. And unlike the stock market, our system is a sure thing.”

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