New ThoughtOffice Software Suite Makes Smart, Fast Presentations With Integrated Brainstorming Engine.

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ThoughtOffice Corporation's new ThoughtOffice "Intelligent Presentation" software make light work of previously complex presentation chores. The new outliner adds brains through a 9,523,680 word and phrase brainstorming reference and visuals through a unique unlimited photo bank. The program quickly creates a presentation while allowing the user to brainstorm, then assembles it into a slideshow that can be emailed, printed or presented.

ThoughtOffice Corporation today releases their newly expanded ThoughtOffice(tm) programs to help speed and improve the value and impact of presentations. Using a dynamic word association index and a world-class image bank, the program helps beginners and professionals assemble effective, intelligent presentations in minutes, then display, email or print.

"After creating hundreds of Power Point presentations, we've grown accustomed to burning the midnight oil to get every detail right, and create a worthwhile image. But we also knew there had to be a better way, a faster, more intelligent path to creating these things" says Mark Effinger, CEO of, the developers and marketers of the ThoughtOffice Innovation Suite. "Thanks to the always-on Internet and some phenomenal development on the part of our developers, we've assembled a presentation platform that digs deep into some very smart resources. The results are presentations with rich language, inherent intelligence and beautiful, meaningful images that quickly assemble as the user brainstorms. Our user feedback is saying that they've never felt more empowered, nor have presentations come together with more speed and elegance."

The ThoughtOffice Intelligent Presentation program is a Mac OSX and Windows 2000 / XP application that accesses online and offline databases:

1) A 9,523,680 word and phrase reference, where words, definitions, hypernyms, synonyms and Coordinate terms are sourced. A rich source of word associations and phrases for brainstorming.

2) An unlimited image (and growing) database of keyworded images, for instantly adding to the presentation.

3) An Internet-search keyword database, updated daily, that pulls the most commonly-searched terms being searched in relation to selected words or phrases used in your presentation.

4) 17 eXpertTopics Plugin Modules, developed by PhDs and MBAs, covering essential business, brainstorming and writing topics, to help drive the creative process through queries, web links and images.

"I already prepared a report using the solutions module. It's highly intuitive and easy to use. My first session was "quick and dirty", yet the results were impressive. Answering the questions provided me with order and context for an important meeting that I'll be attending tomorrow. The meeting date came to me just today. Without ThoughtOffice, I don't know how I would have been able to prepare for it." says Meryl Steinberg, of Beanstalk Ideas.

The ThoughtOffice program sells for $97 with 2 integrated Modules. Additional modules can be purchased for about $49 each or less, and span from Advertising to Conflict Resolution. A free 15-day demo version of the program is available from the web site at

The ThoughtOffice brainstorming and creativity software can be seen at

ThoughtOffice Corporation is based in Blaine, Washington, and can be reached at, or 360-450-6888. An email is available from the link in the upper right corner of this press release.

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